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A while ago I was looking for a camping chair which is lightweight and packs small to take it on my packrafting or photography trips.

On the packrafting meetup in Sweden I met one guy who had a Helinox camping chair with him and after some test sitting I became interested to get one for myself and here is a short review about the Helinox Chair Zero which I received from Helinox (through k-g-k.com) for free for testing. Helinox is a company from South Korea.

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The Helinox Chair Zero* weights only 500 grams and has a carrying capacity of 120 kg. What I really like about this chair is that you sit close to the ground (23 cm) which makes it very comfortable to sit in it for example close to a campfire. It has the size of a plastic bottle when folded together and it can be set up quite fast. Moreover, it also gives you the flexibility to use it for example under a tarp compared to a higher chair.

The Helinox Chair Zero has also been the ISPO Gold Award Winner in 2017. Moreover, the chair does not feel cheap, so I think the higher price tag is justified as it also comes with 5 years warranty.

Helinox Chair Zero Review

Where would I take the Helinox Chair Zero?

Some may question if a chair is really necessary on a backpacking trip. Well, it depends. For ultralight freaks, 500 grams might be too much.

Personally, I don’t mind carrying more gear with me if I can get comfort in exchange. But the comfort/weight ratio must be reasonable.

I could see such a chair perfectly on my packrafting trips. The advantage of packrafting is that you don’t have to carry the gear. I have an Alpacka Raft Gnarwhal and I can easily throw in all kinds of gear into the cargo fly.

Where would I not take the Helinox Chair Zero?

Would I take the Helinox Chair Zero on a trip in the mountains? Well, I am not sure but from my experience when crossing the Alps from Germany to Italy, I realized that I would not appreciate having a heavy backpack on my back when walking up the mountains. In this case, the chair would probably stay at home.


The Helinox Chair Zero* can also be equipped with accessories such as ball feet, ground sheet or a seat warmer. You can also get the Helinox Table One* if you are looking for a foldable and light (690 grams) camping table.

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