Last weekend, I went with Caj to Raisio to visit the Kullanvuori watchtower which is a short hike (around 2.5 km in one direction) from the nearby ABC Raisio gas station where we parked our cars.

The Kullanvuori watchtower is approximately 71 m above sea level which is quite high compared to the rather flat area of the region. There were plenty of pine trees along the trail so it’s quite easy to find wood for a campfire. There is also a pet cemetery when you enter the trail in Raisio. The trail was quite good marked and we came across several way-points.

Hiking in Raisio Kullanvuori

Even so, the temperatures reached about 9C on that day there was still ice on the trail. We found a a lean-to shelter or ‘Laavu’ in Finnish, which is very common in Finnish National Parks. There was also a BBQ grill installed in front of a Laavu and also a ‘mini’ Laavu which works as a storage place for firewood.

Finally, we also discovered a watchtower which we reached by crossing a bridge.


Turku is a nice place to start exploring the Archipelago but there are also nice places nearby to explore on land like the Kullanvuori or the Kurjenrahka National Park. There is also a trail which you can hike from Kullanvuori to the Kurjenrahka National Park.

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