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Last weekend I had the opportunity to test the Hilleberg Unna Inner Mesh on our trip in Sweden. As you probably know Hilleberg manufactures quite good tents but the inner tents which usually come with each tent can limit a bit the air circulation.

Moreover, the yellow standard inner mesh also limits the view since they are not that transparent. That’s where the Hilleberg Inner Mesh comes in quite handy which can replace the regular yellow inner tent. The inner mesh is especially useful during the summer time and can be also used without the outer tent if the weather is good (no rain / stong winds).

Hilleberg Unna Inner Mesh

Sleeping in the Hilleberg Inner Mesh Tent is almost as sleeping directly under the stars. Of course, the mesh is visible but you can see the stars in the sky and the air flow is so much better than sleeping in a regular tent.

Hilleberg Unna

In fact, I will probably always sleep in the mesh inner tent in the future if the weather allows it. If the weather forecast predicts slight rain then I may also use the Hilleberg Tarp 10 UL in combination with my Unna Inner Mesh tent. Personally, I decided to get a red Unna Tent and a green tarp.

Why a red tent? I think it looks much better on pictures and the light within the tent is much brighter and this may also affect your mood especially if you are hiking a couple of days in grey weather.

Hilleberg Unna Inner Mesh

What about condensation? Unfortunately, condensation also freezes on the Inner Mesh. However, I did not see that as a big issue as it disappeared after a few minutes from the mesh once the sun came out.


The Hilleberg Unna Inner Mesh and the Unna Tent is currently my go-to solo tent configuration. The Hilleberg Soulo is also a nice tent but it’s just too short. The Unna offers much more space and it’s also possible to create a vestibule within the tent.

The best feature on the Hilleberg Unna is the big panorama window which is even better when combined with the Unna Inner Mesh Tent.

Moreover, a free self-standing will allow you to pitch the tent even on very difficult ground.

On the pictures above you can also see the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm Mattress and the Western Mountaineering VersaLite 3-season down sleeping bag.

Video: Pitching the Unna Inner Mesh

Hilleberg Unna Inner Mesh Review
Better air circulation.
Sleep under the stars.
Feels somewhat colder than in the original inner tent.
The Hilleberg Unna Inner Mesh tent is more versatile than the original inner tent which comes with the Unna. During the summer you can just use the inner tent without the outer tent and sleep under the stars. Moreover, it also felt that there is a better air circulation in the tent than with the original inner tent. We highly recommend the Hilleberg Unna Inner Mesh Tent.