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As I recently bought a new Alpacka packraft, learning how to Packraft is now essential for me. Since I am living in Finland – a country with 100.000 lakes – packrafting could enhance the possibilities to see the landscape from a different point of view than on a normal hiking trip. As I am planning to take my Yukon Yak Packraft to Sarek National Park in Sweden this year, I still need to exercise a little bit in order to be ready for this trip.

Learning Packrafting

how to packraft
Studying Packrafting Finland alpacka raft

The water at this point of the year is still freezing cold. Wearing a pair of socks (e.g. waterproof Sealskinz) and sitting on some sort of isolated pad (e.g. the one which comes with the packraft) is a must.

Learning Packrafting Finland alpacka raft

View from the cockpit. In the front there is enough space for a backpack. Still need to get a dry bag though…

Packraft and Backpacks

I also do like Packrafting because you can easily pack your Packraft into a backpack. It folds small and is not heavy.

Gear for Packrafting

Learning packrafting is not that difficult – however if you are planning to go packrafting in whitewater, you should maybe take some courses and also have proper gear like a helmet and a PFD as whitewater packrafting in a strong river can be quite dangerous.

Moreover, it’s a good idea to packraft in groups and not alone. Make sure you read about the river and any dangerous spots you might encounter. It’s better to walk around some obstacles rather than risking your life. Also a drysuite might be a good idea if the water you are paddling is very cold.