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Some time ago I purchased the Feuerhand 276 Baby Special Lantern as I was looking for a lantern which I can take on short weekend trips and also for some creative photography with my Sony A7iii and Sony 24mm f1.4 and I decided to take a short video on how to use the Feuerhand 276 lantern.

Basically, what I really like on this lantern is that it is quite light and not that expensive. Moreover, it is also easy to operate and to clean. To operate the lantern, you need to refill it with fuel lamp  oil and insert a new wick from time to time.

Cleaning the glass of the lantern is also quite easy as you can remove the smut with a regular tissue and water. There are also LED lanterns which are a safer option than the oil lantern but you won’t get the same cosy light and if you are planning to take videos with it then it will be quite visible that you are using a LED lantern  (in case this is of any concern for you).

Feuerhand Baby Special 276

I am not affiliated with the Feuerhand company and bought the lantern with my own money.

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