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When we think of Norwegian wool, we think of Devold and have interviewed Devold concerning the company and their products.


What are the 3 words that characterise your brand?

Innovation (Devold has been a pioneer in the industry since the beginning of our time), history (Founded in 1853, Devold has a long and proud history), sustainability (Devold keeps complete control of every step in the production line).

Which products are you proud of?

Each of our products are made for different needs, and we are proud of them all.

What is the biggest benefit for your customers and why?

Our wool garments ensure that your body stays dry and comfortable, and will regulate the body temperature ideally for any outdoor activity. The good quality also makes sure you keep your Devold garments season after season.

Where are your main customers from (country)?


Who are your major competitors?

Our biggest competitor is synthetic fibre fabrics.

What are the current trends and which one is the most important for you?

We see that more and more people see the benefits of wearing wool during outdoor activity, which of course we are happy about. We also see a trend in more people wearing wool during high activity level (training), both indoor and outdoor, and this will be an important trend for us.

What do you think of the importance of Social Media for you?

We see this as an important channel to reach out to both current and potential new customers. We use SoMe mainly to present news, promote our web shop (in Norway) and as a customer service option.

Do you have brand ambassadors? If yes, how do you chose them?

Yes, we have some ambassadors that are well-known (such as explorer Alexander Gamme and kiter Kari Schibevaag), and others we have chosen because of their passion for nature and the outdoors. They all have high Social media engagement, and are interested in photography.

Can people apply for sponsorship?

As of today our sponsorships has mainly been in Norway. We consider the inquiries continuously.