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Our interview with outdoor fashion and gear manufacturer Lundhags. Photo by Erik Olsson/Lundhags.


What are the 3 words that characterize your brand?

We have four keywords: Authentic, Functional, Sustainable and Nordic

Which products are you proud of?

Obviously, I’m proud of all our products, but two personal favorites are the Jaure Light and Makke Pant.

What is the biggest benefit for your customers and why?

The quality that goes into our products means that they last a long time. The fact that we can (and frequently do) repair boots that are more than 20 years old. It means that it is a good investment for the customer as well an environmentally sound purchase.

Where are your main customers from (country)?

Our biggest market is still Sweden, but we ́re growing across all markets.

Who are your major competitors?

It depends, on the market and product segment. When it comes to boots we are pretty much alone in the category Shell Boots.

What is the next big change in your industry in the next 3-5 years and how will it impact your company?

We ́re seeing increased competition in the market place and having a good product will not be enough going forward. Having a strong brand will be increasingly important.

What are the current trends and which one is the most important for you?

We’ve seen a strong trend towards performance and more competitive elements. I personally think that there is a need for a more competitive side of outdoor activities where the experience is more important than going as fast or as far as you can.

What do you think of the importance of Social Media for you?

There is no doubt that social media is an important part of the modern media mix, but it’s not the end all be all. I think it is a great thing that enables us to engage in a dialogue with our customers.

Do you have brand ambassadors? If yes, how do you chose them?

Yes, we do have four Lundhags friends at the moment. There are no specifics on how or why they were chosen. Personality is an important part here – it has to feel right for both parties.

Can people apply for a sponsorship? What do they have to do for it?

Yes, people apply for sponsorship all the time. But we are very selective. There needs to be an environmental and/or social aspect to the project in order for us to consider it.