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We have asked Werner Paddles to answer a few questions about the company and it’s products. So, if you are into packrafting, kayaking or any other paddling sport you may want to read this.

Werner Shuna Paddle

What are the 3 words that characterise your brand?

a. Handcrafted
b. Performance
c. Reliable

Which products are you proud of?

Honestly, all of them. A heritage of design and craftsmanship is carried down from our highest end paddles, to our more Standard performance models. So really, no matter what a paddler can afford, they are going to see the difference our quality makes and feel the designs on the water.

What is the biggest benefit for your customers and why?

Our mission is Ultimate Paddle Performance, so we feel that when on the water nothing else feels like a Werner Paddle. Balance, swing weight, and a smooth stable stroke are the constants in all of our paddles. Add in 50 years of experience in fit options, materials and manufacturing and you really do get something special.

Where are your main customers from?

We actually have paddles on all 7 continents! Antarctica does not sell any, just used in tours. But like many businesses, the United States and our massive population and healthy economy buys the most paddles. Stand out countries that you may not think of would be Norway and Sweden, HUGE paddling countries.

Who are your major competitors?

At some level, everyone is a competitor. It’s healthy though and keeps us always looking for continual improvement in our paddles, level of service, even how we represent ourselves on social media. We want to be a company people can believe in.

What is the next big change in your industry in the next 3-5 years and how will it impact your company?

With today’s young people being more focused on social media, gaming, smart phones and tablets, fewer and fewer are drawn to the outdoors. It is our goal to focus on the enthusiast and make sure that those that do paddle, look at Werner as an option.

What do you think of the importance of Social Media for you?

Hugely important. We are a company that sells fun, we want to share all of the places Werner can take you. It is too easy to snap a photo and send it to the world to see where you paddled today. Instagram is our fastest growing segment, people want to see compelling images and get back to their lives. Fast and fun!

Do you have brand ambassadors? If yes, how do you chose them?

We certainly do, in all aspects of paddling. Kayak fishing, SUP, touring, white water and white water canoe. We choose good people, the kind of folks you can call a friend and would want to introduce to others at a party. In some aspects, talent does play in, but we want good people more than we want the best paddlers.

Can people apply for sponsorship? What do they have to do for it?

As a leader in paddles the best in the world want to use Werner, so with that said opportunities are limited due to size restrictions on the team. However if you feel that you would be a good fit on Team Werner and our family, send an email to marketing@wernerpaddles.com