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This week I went to the ISPO in Munich to look for new interesting products for our hiking and packrafting adventures and here is a short ISPO review. We had great outdoor adventures this year in Finnish Lapland and for 2015 I would be interested to test new outdoor gear. I started the day at 8.45 at the press center where I received my press ID just right in time as the show started at 9 am. I focused my day on certain companies I was interested in and those which won an ISPO Award 2015.

Fischer E 109 Crown Xtralite

The Fischer E 109 Crown Xtralite is a very popular backcountry ski which I might consider to own myself in the future. But still have to make up my mind between the Fischer and the Madshus backcountry skis.

Thule Legend Backpack

The Thule Legend Backpack is an interesting product for those who are looking for a backpack with a dedicated compartment for their GoPro hero camera. We got some gear to test from Thule and you will read about it in one of our upcoming blog posts. Subscribe to our RSS feed if you want to stay updated.

Thule Pack ’n Pedal iPad/Map Sleeve

If you are planning to go on a longer bicycle trip using your ipad as a digital map then Thule offers a nice solution which keeps your ipad dry.

Marker Kingpin

The Marker Kingbin is an ISPO Award Winner 2015 and might be an interesting solution who are looking for a ski tour binding.

Therm-A-Rest EvoLite

The Therm-A-Rest EvoLite is a light down sleeping pad for 3-seasons. The regular version weights around 520 grams and due to it’s compact foam it can be packed quite small. I have recently ordered a new Therm-a-rest NeoAir Xtherm but would be interested in having the EvoLite as a sleeping pad for the warmer months.

MSR Winboiler 1.0L

The new MSR Windboiler. Not sure if the Windboiler is better than the Jetboil stove but looks interesting.

MSR Ascent Lightning

One of the most advanced MSR snowshoes. MSR also offers tails which can be attached to the back of the snowshoes. Konstantin has a pair of MSR Ascent snowshoes which he has also tested in Lapland but I am using the Tubbs Xpedition Snowshoes at the moment.

MSR Flight 3

I found the MSR Flight 3 quite interesting. They felt light and quite solid. I might look more into those poles in the future. Currently, I have the Black Diamond Ultra Distance Z-Poles but they are not suitable for my snowshoeing activities in the winter since you can not attach snow baskets on them.

Primus Stoves

A selection of different Primus Stoves available. Not sure if MSR, Jetboil or Primus has better stoves. I guess at the end it’s more a personal choice about brands.

Powertraveller Powermonkey Explorer 2

The Powertraveller Powermonkey Explorer 2 is an ISPO Award Winner 2015. The Powermonkey Explorer 2 can also be charged manually with the small item left to it. I have a Solarmonkey Adventurer from Powertraveller. However, I have some issues getting my phone fully charged with it. Maybe it’s better to have a bigger solar panel on the trips.

Optimus Fuel

The Optimus Fuel is an ISPO Award Winner 2015. It felt very solid and you can easily switch between different fuels without doing any special adjustments beforehand. Quite useful for longer trips.

Aquapac TrailProof

One of the waterproof bags which could be interesting for our packrafting adventures like our trip to the Sarek National Park in Sweden. Unfortunately, it is not allowed to packraft there anymore.

Aquapac Waterproof Duffel

The Aquapac Waterproof Duffel would be also quite interesting for our packrafting trips. Unfortunately, it only comes with max. 90l so it might be more suited for shorter trips if you plan to do hiking as well. Otherwise it looks like a really nice product which could be adjusted easily on a packraft.

Yeti Cirrus Down Jacket

ISPO Award Winner 2015 and the lightest down jacket (at the time of the exhibition) on the market. The jacket for women weights around 140 grams (size S) and 900+ cuin. Currently, I am having the Montbell U.L. Down Parka which I am quite happy with even so it has less cuin.

Sea to Summit Comfort Plus insulated

The Sea to Summit Comfort Plus is an ISPO Award Winner 2015. It features a 2 layer system to adjust the mattress to your needs. It can also be considered as a safety feature. Let’s say you get a hole into the bottom layer then you can sill use the upper layer as an insulation layer. In the past I have used the Exped SynMat UL 7 sleeping pad but looking forward to test the Therm-a-rest NeoAir Xtherm on our packrafting trip in Sweden in April.

Sea to Summit Spark SP II

The Sea to Summit Spark SP II features 850+ down and can be compressed quite small. Looks interesting as a 3-season sleeping bag. Would be nice to compare it with my Cumulus Panyam 450.

Haglöfs Barrier Pro III Hood

The Haglöfs Barrier Pro III Hood is an ISPO Award Winner 2015 and might be an interesting jacket for winer activities.

Bergans Memurutind Down Jacket

The Bergans Memurutind Down Jacket looks quite interesting too. It does not have the highest down fill power but more down and an extended back which I found quite useful. Konstantin has an older model of this jacket and was very pleased with it. You can see it on our post about Finnish Lapland.

Lundhags Antjah

The Lundhags Antjah and the Lundhags Authentic Pro-Pants are high quality Trekking and Hiking pants. Would be interested to test them in the future as well. The Antjah is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton and the lightest Lunhags pants. The pants can also be vented by opening zippers. Currently, I am having the Arcteryx Palisade Pants for the summer months and the Fjälräven Abisko pants for spring and autumn. Would be interested to see how they compare to the Lundhags Antjah or Authentic Pro-Pants.

Hestra Fjellvotten

I found the design of the Hestra gloves on the left hand side quite appealing for urban winter usage. The quality of the Hestra gloves looked quite good. Maybe next winter I will try to get a pair of them.

Point 65n Modular

Looking for a modula kayak? Point 65n modular offers an interesting solution e.g. if you want to carry your kayak in the trunk of your car. However, I am not sure if I would exchange it with my Alpacka Yukon Yak packraft…

Mountain Hardwear Compressor Jacket

The Mountain Hardwear Compressor Jacket seems to be an interesting insulation layer for active outdoor activities. The company recommend this jacket on it’s website for Alpine Climbing.

Mountain Hardwear K7

I asked Mountain Hardwear which jacket they would recommend for taking pictures in Lapland during the winter and they showed me the K7. Looks indeed nice and warm. Could be an interesting jacket for my photography activities during the next winter.

Mountain Hardwear Concordia Jacket

Mountain Hardwear also recommended me a fleece which I could use while doing activities like snowshoeing in Lapland as the K7 down jacket would be too warm for my purposes.

Haglöfs Sector II Jacket

The Haglöfs Sector II Jacket is the wamest midlayer from Haglöfs for outdoor activities. It weights around 480 grams (L) and features Polartec Thermal Pro fabric as well as Polartec PowerStretch Pro.

Haglöfs Mojo Down Hood Jacket

Another intersting down jacket. Might need to add it to my list of the best down jackets 2015.

Haglöfs L.I.M. Jacket and Pants

The Haglöfs L.I.M. product range looks interesting to take with you on your hiking trips to protect from rain and wind. They are lightweight too. Compare them with other waterproof pants for 2015.

Fjällräven Expedition Down Parka No. 1

The Fjällräven Expedition Down Parka No. 1 is an ISPO Award Winner 2015. This is a seriously warm jacket and a bit heavy too. Maybe a bit too warm for my needs.

Fjällräven Keb Eco-Shell Jacket

The Fjällräven Keb Eco-Shell Jacket is an ISPO Award Winner 2015. Would be interesting to test this jacket on some snowshoeing trips. Those jackets should work quite well if it’s cold and snowing and with the wax you can even waterproof them.

MSR Snow Shovel Responder

The MSR Snow Shovel Responder is an ultra-compact aluminium snow shovel which is designed to take with you in a day pack and weights around 598 grams. Might be an option for those folks who are into winter camping or backcountry snowboarding / skiing.

MSR Beta, and MSR Basecamp

The MSR Beta is an ultralight snow saw and weights around 178 grams.

Vaude Tents

I have spotted a couple of tents outside of the exhibition area but there were not many choices available. I would have been interested in a dome tent for packrafting.

Superfeet Worldwide

ISPO Award Winner 2015. Might be interesting for those looking for personalised shoe insoles.

Fimbulvetr Snowshoes

ISPO Brand NewAward Winner 2014. If you need snowshoes which are super flexible then the Fimbulvetr Snowshoes might be an interesting option.

TSL Symbioz Snowshoes

Also the TSL Symbioz Snowshoes are highly flexible.

Madshus BC 50 MGV+ SKIS

Madshus is a Finnish ski manufacturer. Here is a backcountry ski model which does not require waxing and is the narrowest model of their backcountry platforms.

Elan AMPHIBIO 16 Ti2 Fusion

ISPO Award Winner 2015. The ski should offer edge grip and easy turning.

Rottefella Cross-Country Ski Bindings

If you are into backcountry or cross country skiing then Rottefella has good products which I might also test in the future once I get my own pair of backcountry skis.

Tubbs Flex VRT

If the Tubbs Flex VRT perform better than my Tubbs Xpedition Snowshoes

Thule Pack ’n Pedal Smartphone Attachment

If you need to attach your smartphone on your bicycle the Thule Pack ’n Pedal Smartphone Attachment might be an option.

Polar M400

ISPO Award Winner 2015. However, I still prefer my Suunto Ambit3.

Fenix 3

Garmin’s latest GPS watch. The display looks quite nice but as a package I sill like my Suunto Ambit3 more.

Garmin vivoactive

Garmin vivoactive is a Sport GPS smartwatch and an ISPO Award Winner 2015.

Garmin vivofit 2

Garmin vivofit 2 is a fitness band which keeps track of your moves.

La Sportiva G2 SM

La Sportiva G2 SM is a high mountain expedition boot and ISPO Award Winner 2015.

Black Diamond Titan, Apollo 200, Voyager 140, Orbit 105, Moji 100

Lightning options offered by Black Diamond. We are currently happy with our Luci Outdoor Latern and luminAID.

Black Diamond Expedition 3 poles

The Black Diamond Expedition 3 poles looked interesting too. Not sure yet if I would go for the MSR Flight 3 poles or for those…

Arcteryx Ceres Jacket

The Arcteryx Ceres Jacket looks like a nice down jacket which I could also use on my next Lapland trip during the winter. It features 850 cuin and has a weight of 850 grams.

Arcteryx Lithic Glove

ISPO Award Winner 2015 and might be an interesting option if you are into Snowboarding or Skiing.

Arcteryx Beta Shell Glove

If you prefer to use liners then the Arcteryx Beta Shell Glove could be your gloves.

Arcteryx Nuclei AR Jacket

ISPO Award Winner 2015. The Arcteryx Nuclei AR Jacket weights 285 grams and features Coreloft insulation and can be packed away very small. If you need insulation in a wet environment then this jacket might be a better option than wearing a down jacket.

BCA Float Avalanche Airbag

There were many exhibitors at the ISPO who promoted their avalanche airbags. Seems that there are many who go skiing off the marked piste. I have worked once in a mountain hut in Switzerland and witnessed the sound of an avalanche. I think even with such an airbag backpack I would not like to be caught by an avalanche.

LED Lenser NEO

ISPO Award Winner 2015. The LED Lenser NEO features 90 lumen and brightens up the area up to 10 m in front of you. Weight is 54 grams. This seems to be indeed an interesting product for those who go running in the evenings. I have currently a Petzl Nao with a belt kit but the Lenser NEO would do the job as well. I have also compiled a list with good headlamps.

LED Lenser XEO 19R

The LED Lenser XEO 19R features 2000 lumen and weights 192 grams without batteries. The XEO 19R can lighten up the area in front of you up to 300 m.

Petzl RAD System

Petzl Rope Ascending and Descending System is an ISPO Award Winner 2015. The RAD Rig system can be used as a Single Rope Technique (SRT) climbing tool.

NIKWAX Down Wash Direct

Well, I use Nikwax as well. Bit expensive but works quite well to get my outdoor clothes and sleeping bags clean.

The North Face Thermoball Full Zip Jacket

The North Face Thermoball Full Zip Jacket offers synthetic insulation and could be applied during winter camping (according to the manufacturer website).

The North Face Brigandine 3L Jacket

This three layer jacket also features a RECCO® transponder and targeted abrasion resistance.

Columbia Peakfreak Enduro Outdry Omni-heat

ISPO Award Winner 2015.

Icebreaker Helix Hood Jacket

ISPO Award Winner 2015.

Berghaus Baffin Island Jacket

ISPO Award Winner 2015. The jacket weights 450 grams (M) and features stretch parts to allow difficult moves.

Outdoor Research Lodestar Gloves, Luminary Sensor Gloves, Women’s Luminary Gloves, Illuminator Sensor Gloves

New gloves offered by Outdoor Research.

Inov-8 Terraclaw 250

ISPO Award Winner 2015. I have used the Inov-8 Roclite 295 in the past and they worked quite well for me. The problem with those shoes is that your foot gets wet quite soon as I have experienced it on my hike in the Sarek National Park. For such a trip I would rather prefer proper hiking boots.

Q500 Typhoon Drone

Drones are currently high in demand. I was thinking myself of getting one of such a drone but then it’s quite questionable if it’s legally allowed to fly with them. So no drone for me at the moment.

This was the first time for me to be at the ISPO in Munich. It was quite an experience to see all those different outdoor brands and to meet some people which I previously only knew from mailing or social media. I might go there next year again.