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On our visit at the ITB in Berlin we had a chance to talk with Annica Grönlund from Visit Åland about the Outdoor activities in Åland.


Åland has got 6,700 islands. Plenty of islands. Plenty of water. Nature activities. Good food. We have got a …

It’s a unique culture, as well?

Unique culture, situated in between Sweden and Finland. It’s about 60,000 islands in between Turku and Stockholm. We are in the middle. We have about 6,700 larger islands, but at least 20,000 smaller and longer. Here are all the possibilities to discover, both on the Stockholm side, Turko, or Helsinki.

Patrick has already been a number of times to Åland.

That’s nice.

Because he lives in Turku

Then, it’s easy.

It’s easy, but I haven’t been. It would be interesting to see. To do a lot of fun things, because we do a lot with water. We also do cycling, and hiking. I understood that there are some cycling routes, and there are hiking routes.

We have plenty of cycling routes. Here is the cycling map. Everything is marked with green, that is cycling routes. We incorporate a lot with Turku region, as well. You can cycle from Turku to Åland, or just do the whole Åland route, as well.

It’s quite interesting.

We are good at also, sportfishing. If someone wants to fish just for fun, or we have real sportfishing. We have got the best wreck diving in the world, in Åland islands.

Probably you, because that could be all of this is …

Yes, it is. We have plenty of food. Also, drinks from Åland. We are the apple belt of Finland, so we produce a lot of apple products.


Good cheeses. Local yogurt, milk products …

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