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On our visit at the ITB in Berlin we had a chance to talk with Lilit Gevorgyan from Sidon Travel about the Outdoor activities in Armenia.

Hi, this is Konstantin, and I’ve got Lilit from Armenia. Lilit, could you present Armenia from the point of view of for adventure. What can people do in Armenia?

Actually as you know, Armenia is a mountainous country. We have a lot of mountains in Armenia, and what we suggest is to climb, hike in the mountains, to have an off-road adventure for two hours, and then to go some hiking, to see one of the most … the oldest petroglyphs of Ughtasar.

It’s located high in the mountains and there is a very beautiful lake over there, and so it’s a really amazing scene, when you see these rock carvings which are more than 20,000 years old, and beautiful nature, flowers, and the lake, and fresh air.

And great food.

Yeah, and great food of course. We have really tasty natural food. So I think this will be a really good adventure for the tourists.

So it’s a good combination, to go into the mountains, but also to visit and enjoy the cultural sights?

Yes, yeah. The cultural sites also, and can visit locals and taste the food that they can prepare for you in their houses, so it’s a very interesting way of travel.**

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