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On our visit at the ITB in Berlin we had a chance to talk with Igor Strebkov from the TourAsia Travel Agency about Outdoor activities in Kazakhstan.

Hi. This is Konstantin and I’ve got Igor from Kazakhstan here. Could you tell something about the highlights of Kazakhstan for outdoor adventure?

First of all – nice to meet you. And a short advertisement about Kazakhstan. You know, Kazakhstan is a huge country and we have a lot of highlights. So Kazakhstan has stuff from steppes to mountains. If you want, you can visit our steppe and you can adventure in some whitewater rafting and then you can climb to seven thousand’s peak. Practically, it’s one of… In soviet time, which was included in programme Snow Leopard. So, a lot of climbers from different countries come to Kazakhstan and try to do the programme of Snow Leopard. Also, not so far from Almaty, you can find another natural landscape and you can do a lot of hiking programmers. You can use ATB or motorcycles to do a lot of interesting things.

What would be your favorite activity, personally?

Personally, I am a climber. So, I spend a lot of time in the mountains. Then climb not a lot, but most peaks near Almaty. Second my activities, it’s skyrunning. Actually it is in mountains too, but it is running on altitude. It’s nice too.

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