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On our visit at the ITB in Berlin we had a chance to talk with Rakhat Dzhamalova from the Karakol Destination Management Organization about Outdoor activities in Kyrgyzstan.

Hi, this is Konstantin and I’ve got Rakhat from Kyrgyzstan


Rakhat, could you give a couple of highlights of Kyrgistan as an adventure destination?

Yes, actually we position our country as an adventure destination, because we have a lot of possibilities for lovers of hiking, trekking and that proves that our country…

90% of our country is covered by the mountains, which is, like, great place for, you know, those who look for adventure.

For the outdoor lovers

Outdoor lovers. Right.

And what kind of activities would you recommend?

In summer time, of course, for sure, we would recommend hiking, tracking, alpinism … a lot of possibilities, jeep tours, cycling, kayaking because we have a lot of mountain rivers.

And for winter time is, the country is, everywhere you can just freeride.

We have a lot of ski bases and the ski base, which is located in my town, is considered to be the best ski area in Central Asia.

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