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On our visit at the ITB in Berlin we had a chance to talk with Makalesi Muloilagi from the South Pacific Tourism Organisation about outdoor activities in the South Pacific Islands.

Hi, this is Konstantin and I’ve got Makelesi from South Pacific. Makelesi, could you tell us about the area / the islands? What you can do as an adventurer?

Ok. Thank you. First of all, I will talk about South Pacific Tourism Organisation. It’s an intergovernmental organisation, international regional body and it looks after the member countries – 15 island member countries.

The islands that we promote as the South Pacific and the islands that are here today, which is Vanuatu, Solomon islands and Samoa, New Caledonia and Cook islands.

Also Fiji, Tahiti and Papua New Guinea. But we also are here to promote small island states, that is Tuvalu, Kiribati, Nauru, Niue, Federated State of Micronesia.

Those are the ones that we are trying to promote, because they have a niche market. Particular niche market that we want to promote and market them, which is fishing, backpacking, wedding and honeymooners, and also diving.

All the islands have unique selling points.

They have their own tradition and cultures. And flight connection is very easy to go to from various international flights.

Yeah, it is basically a place to come and visit.

And we are here now at the ITB to actually promote it and we would be glad if you guys could come over and write a story about it, market it so that people can know people can go to the islands, and enjoy the islands, and discover islands. And enjoy it.

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