Recently, I have visited the second highest place in southern Finland called Kammiovuori which has a height of 221 meters. 221 meters doesn’t sound that impressive when you live nearby the Alps (e.g. my home town Ravensburg is situated 450 meters above sea level) but considering that Southern Finland is mostly flat it’s quite a good height.

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It took us around 2 hours to drive from Järvenpää (which is about a 25 minutes drive from Helsinki towards the same direction) to Kammiovuori which is located at the Finnish Lakeland. The closest National Park is the Päijänne National Park which I hope to visit as well in the future.



Once you arrive at the parking place you only have a short hike of about 2 km to reach the top of the hill (which is actually a 3.8 km round trail) where you can also find a wooden table and benches. There is also a Lavu along the trail where you can also find a hut with firewood. On this trip I also had my Ortlieb Gear-Pack with me which Ortlieb provided me for free for testing.

On the way to the top, there are also a few other sights which you can visit – the seven-meter high Linta boulder and the Cave of Hiskias.

Hiskias was said to be a vagabond who used to live in the cave in the last century while he was hiding from the authorities. We also spotted a fireplace where we warmed ourselves up.

I really liked the scenery from the Kammiovuori and would be interested to visit again next autumn when the landscape will be covered with colorful trees.

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