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For my packrafting trips I was looking for shoes which I can wear together with my dry suite and I came across the KEEN EVOFIT ONE. KEEN provided my a free pair of test sandals and I took them with me on my three days packrafting trip in Teijo National Park in Finland.

Teijo National Park

The idea behind the sandals

The KEEN EVOFIT ONE incorporates a new technology developed by KEEN which the company describes as an evolution in form, fit and function. KEEN describes it as a second skin which moves and breathes with your foot.


EVOFIT comes with a 4-way dynamic stretch that moves fluidly on your skin, protects and adapts based on the movement of your foot. The sandals are made to be used in and out of the water, for jungle trails and river rocks – so it seems that they are could be a great solution for packrafting as well. Moreover, they are also protecting your toes.


First impression

Without having properly tested them, the sandals feel very comfortable to wear and I am quite confident that they should also handle longer walking distances quite well.


The sandals are also reinforced around the ankle for increased security.


The sandals can also be tightened with a strap.


The contoured arch on the sole supports your foot arch as well.


The rubber sole looks like it can handle challenging situations.


First test

My personal impression about the KEEN EVOFIT ONE during a three days packrafting trip was quite positive. They are really comfortable to walk with and they were an excellent addition to my dry suit which requires to wear shoes to protect the waterproof socks. Below you can see me inflating a packraft wearing my KEEN EVOFIT ONE. For me it’s important to have shoes or sandals which are not slippery on wet stones.

Finnish Packrafting Meetup 2018

Moreover, I also liked the toe protection on the shoe which can be quite important when walking over rocks or roots.

Teijo National Park

Another positive aspect of the KEEN EVOFIT ONE sandals is that they have straps that allow you to tighten them on your feet. On my past trips, I sometimes got stuck in the mud and had to fish my sandals out and, on one occasion, I even lost one of them when doing whitewater rescue training on the Soca river in Slovenia. And that was all because the sandals could not be tightened properly.

Teijo National Park

The tightening strap helps to keep the sandal on your foot, however, there is still a chance that the sandal may get stuck when walking through mud.

Talking about drying, I left the shoes hanging on a tree to dry over the night but the material still felt a bit wet the next morning.

However, I suppose that this was more related to the moisture, which the sandals collected during the night and in the morning. I still need to test how long it would take for the sandals to dry if I expose them directly to the sun.

I will update this article in the future once I have more experience with these sandals.