Today we had a short hike to the top of Komsa – which is the best lookout point in Alta and easy to reach. So it’s probably one of the highlights when visiting Alta in Northern Norway and be on your "what to visit in Alta" list.

There was no official path up to the Komsa, or at least we were not able to see it since everything was covered with snow. We did not carry much with us. Just a backpack, our cameras, an additional layer of clothes and a Thermos bottle with tea.

Highlight of a visit to Alta in Norway - the Komsa

From the city centre it’s about a 1 hour hike to the top of the Komsa. The hill is easy to recognize since it has an antenna on top of it.

We were actually quite lucky with the weather. We started walking while it was snowing and the visibility was really bad.

However, once we got higher up, the sky cleared and we were able to have a breathtaking view over the scenery.