This Halloween, we decided to go to Lake Suolijärvi nearby Hyvinkää in Finland to do some Paddling and Hiking. Janne has sent me a link with the map beforehand, showing where shelters have been built in the Sveitsi – Kytäjän wilderness area.

Packrafting And Hiking in Kytäjä-Usmi and Lake Suolijärvi

We started our trip from the car park next to lake Kytäjärvi, crossed it via the dam and followed the trail while passing by horse stables and farms. After a hike of 3 km, we arrived in our first camp Iso-Haiskari.

For the night we have pitched a Tipi where three of us have spent the night in while our fourth paddling mate slept in the existing ‘Laava’ shelter. I have also attached my LuminAid inflatable solar lantern on the tree on the picture below.

An inside view of the Tipi on the next morning. I always use a compression bag (the blue bag inside of the Tipi) for my down gear.

One of us started to inflate his canoe which he is going to use the next day. It takes quite a while until the canoe has been inflated. So once this job has been done you can start enjoying your trip already.

Inside of our Tipi, we had a foldable wood burning camp stove made entirely of Titanium (also the chimney which goes through the Tipi.

Packrafting And Hiking in Kytäjä-Usmi and Lake Suolijärvi

Wood inside of the stove. With the small handle on the right top side of the stove, you can regulate the stove. This stove really heads the Tipi. Unfortunately, the Tipi will cool down almost immediately once the stove gets cold.

Packrafting And Hiking in Kytäjä-Usmi and Lake Suolijärvi

On the next morning at 7.00 we had breakfast and then we paddled around the lake at Iso-Haiskari. From Iso-Haiskari we carried our boats to Kolmiperslammi. Of course, it’s much more easy to carry a 2.5 kg Packraft rather than a 21 kg canoe. Once we arrived at Kolmiperslammi, I noticed that the water on my packraft turned into ice.

At Kolmiperlammi we also enjoyed the sunrise from our boats and it also got warmer. From Kolmiperslammi we carried our boats to Vähä-Haiskari not only on trails but also through bushes. Then we paddled to Haiskarinpoika. Once we arrived in Haiskarinpoika, we noticed first thin ice layers on the lake. Of course, they were no obstacles for our boat yet. And then there was the warming sun again shining on some rocks where Janne just paddled by.

Packrafting And Hiking in Kytäjä-Usmi and Lake Suolijärvi

From Mäkiperänlampi to Kiiskilampi it became quite difficult to carry the canoe trough. However, they were far away from giving up. But we reached Kiiskilampi where we had a short break. At Kiiskilampi, I climbed a rock from where I had a nice view of the lake. We paddled to the other side of the lake where we found a nice campsite where we prepared our lunch and took a picture of ourselves.

Once again we had to walk through dense bushes but then we finally arrived at lake Suolijärvi where I separated myself from the others and paddled alone 4 km down the lake.

Packrafting And Hiking in Kytäjä-Usmi and Lake Suolijärvi

Once I reached the dam at the end of lake Suolijärvi, I packed my packraft and walked the remaining 3 km back to the car park. The short hike was quite nice as there was almost a full moon on the sky and the scenery was nice too (and easy to walk).

Lake Suolijärvi is a nice place for a hike. The are is not just plain flat and the shelters are very well maintained even so it’s not an official national park.

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