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The advantage of living in Santiago de Chile is that, just outside the metropolitan limit, lie different hiking and trekking areas, national parks, volcanoes and glaciers. Many of the trails can be done within one day with options of expanding it to two days.

Hiking in the La Campana National Park in Chile

Today I present you the sector of Las Palmas de Ocoa, within the National Park of La Campana. This section lies at about 100 km North-West of the city center of Santiago and is known, among others, for two facts. One is Charles Darwin hiking the top of La Campana Mountain (approx. 1.910 m) in August 1834 and the second are the forests of prehistoric Chilean Wine Palm (Jubaea Chilensis), one of it’s last kind on Planet Earth.

Starting at 400 m high and going up to 2.222 m, there are different trekking paths, and all can be made within one day, depending on the different factors. The one leading to the top of La Campana mountain takes about 8 1/2 hours, both ways. All visitors must register upon entry and exit at the entrance of the national park and pay an entrance fee of 2.500 CLP / Pers. (approx. 3,5 EUR).

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This blog post was written by Catalin Butnariu.

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