A few days ago I visited the Liesjärvi National Park together with Kaj and Catja Koskinen to try our new Alpacka Raft Gnarwhal. Liesjärvi National Park is about a 1.5 hours car drive away from Helsinki and an alternative to Nuuksio National Park if you live in the Helsinki region (and probably also less crowded with people) and want to go hiking or packrafting.

Hiking and Packrafting in Liesjärvi National Park

We decided to park our cars at the Kopinlahti parking spot and to have a short hike to Savilahti where we pitched our tents, prepared a fire and meals and enjoyed the peaceful night together with a few other hikers who also came to stay overnight in tents and hammocks.

Even so, it was raining when I arrived at the parking spot it turned out that the evening was dry with just a few clouds on the sky. This was a great opportunity to test the astrophotography capabilities of my Sony A7III and Zeiss Batis 25mm (update 4.12.2019: I have replaced my Zeiss Batis 25mm with a Sony 24mm GM f1.4mm).

At the campfire, we grilled sausages and talked about the past and upcoming trips. Moreover, I became interested to create my own dehydrated camping food in the future, because I am really fed up eating the ready-made stuff which you can buy in the camping store. I already bought a dehydrator and I am planning to experiment a bit with it during the winter season.

YouTube video

The next morning I checked out Katja’s new HMG Porter 5400 (white) next to my HMG Porter 4400 (black). Probably I will also get the bigger pack next year as the Porter 4400 is just getting too small for longer trips.

Then we took a view videos on how we inflated our new Alpacka Gnarwhal packrafts and then it was time for packrafting. The day was a bit mixed and we had quite strong showers at the beginning.

Later on, we prepared lunch back in camp and then returned to our cars. I supposed this can be called a micro-adventure – I really like those.

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