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Here is our video where we were interviewing LifeStraw at the ISPO and where we were also able to test the LifeStraw water filter.

Hi. This is Konstantin. I’m here with LifeStraw. Please would you tell us more about your product?

Yes. Hi Konstantin. This is a LifeStraw Personal. It’s a very easy to use water filter that will allow you to drink out of any fresh water. A river, a stream, or a dam, or a pond. It will give you instant access to fresh water. The filter will remove all the parasites and bacteria and turbidity from the water. I’ll just give you a short demonstration on how it works. If you have your water source here, you simply just apply the LifeStraw into the water source, then you drink like a normal straw. It’s very easy to use and also for little children. You just drink like this.

You have nice fresh water at hand at any time. It’s important when you finish drinking, you blow backwards to clean out the filter for any dirt and bacterias like this. Then you are good to go again. The filter will clean 1,000 liters of water.

Eventually, when you reach full capacity of the filter, you see this is the inside of the filter, you have hollow fibers with very very small porous, 0.2 microns that will allow the water to penetrate through the filter. All the parasites, bacteria, and dirt will stay on the outside of the filter. That leads to when you’ve reached the full capacity of the filter which is 1,000 liters, this filter will start to block and you will feel more and more resistance when you draw in the water.

Eventually, you won’t get any water through the filter and that means you need to replace the filter.

Yes, but it also means it’s a very safe way because the water you’re getting will always be clean and safe.

Is it possible to test one?

Yes, it is. You’re good to go here.

You don’t need to use the glass do you?

No but if I drank out of the bowl, you won’t see that the water disappears. Now you’re able to see what happens.
Very good?

Yep. It’s actually pretty nice.

Then you blow it backwards. Yes. Clean out the filter.

I do feel some resistance and pressure when I’m doing it. It takes also some moments to get it actually …

When the filter is empty, you need to fill the filter at first with water before you get the water in. But when you have the water, the flow is steady and constant and it’s easy to use, even for little children.

Yeah. If you have a child, maybe its a good idea for a parent first to try it and then …

You prime the filter first as a parent, and fill it up. Then you pass it on to your child and they are ready to go.