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Light My Fire shows us the Dining Kit and Black Pearl Camp Kit at the OutDoor Show 2017 in Friedrichshafen.

Konstantin: Hi this is Konstantin from Hike Ventures. And I’ve got David from Light My Fire.

David: Hi. I’m David from Light My Fire. As he said.

Konstantin: Can you say something about the new products that people can expect?

David: Of course, It’s very exciting actually, because we have a brand new product here, it’s only one week ago since we came up with it, but it will be released in September. It’s the perfect kit, I would say, for light outdoor, and for families.

This kit contains actually … I’ll show it over here. It’s one, two, three, four forks, and four plates. But, the last plate, is-

Konstantin: -Also the lid.

David: Yeah, exactly, because it’s got a different shape. So, when you have been eating and you still have some grease inside, which you will always have, put it on top, like this. Then, you also have a harness to keep it super tight. Then, you put it in your backpack, and all the waste would stay into this part.

Konstantin: If you have the harness, I suppose you could also just attach it to the outside, on backpack, would be a little safer.

David: Yeah, of course. Exactly. You put it on, you don’t need to, it can stack together, but it will be super tight. I’ll show you here. It’s actually pretty simple, because we have the Light My Fire logo, like this. You have the Light My Fire logo here. This goes for all our meal kits, everything.

So, you put it like that, and around like that. Then, it’s super tight. It all stays in here.

And, it also contains four cups. It’s the pack-up cup. We show it over here. Small, when you need it to be small. Big, when you need it to be big.

Konstantin: And there is also a way to keep something warm if you want, you’re just sipping from the top.

David: Exactly. It’s made for coffee, tea. You can drink water out of it. Everything. It’s tested so you can hold it for a long time without burying your hands.

Konstantin: I like that they come in different colors, too, so that you always know which one is yours.

David: One for each person in the family, for example.

This is the perfect light kit, like I said, for a family. For four persons. They want something to bring outside, but maybe they don’t want to buy the meal kit. Then, this is the perfect alternative.

So, from September, this will be available.

Konstantin: You also have some sports.

David: I’ve got some sporks. I’ve got a lot of different colors of sporks, but here is only one. It’s actually a new collection called the Oyster Collection. It’s inspired by the colors of nature. What we have here is actually old gold, passion peach, silver, and blackberry. Together, they form a four-pack, which is a very nice palate of colors, if you put them together.

We will also sell them in silver and gold in a two package.

Konstantin: Are you planning to cooperate with Apple because you’ve got silver and some gold? Maybe every Apple buyer should also buy also …

David: They would fit together.

Konstantin: Yeah. It will even fit this color scheme.

David: I think this two package here with silver and gold would be a very good set, because it looks nice. And it’s old gold. It
kind of reminds you of the good old times.

Then, I have saved for last. Every year we do two promotions. This fall, it’s time for the black ear. It contains the Fire Knife.

Konstantin: The one that you, developed together with Mora, right?

David: That’s correct. Yes. Mora does the blade, and we do the FireSteel. There’s a FireSteel attached here in the back.

Konstantin: I love it.

David: It’s the perfect combination. You get the best of two worlds.
Then, we have the tinder on a rope, and together those two work very well together. You scrape some wood off, use the FireSteel, then you have lighter … A fire super-easy. At any altitude, and in any weather. The thing with the tinder here is that it can be totally wet, covered in water, and you can still use it.

But, the thing with this one as well, that we always try to do, we pack it up real nice. I would say this is the perfect present to give away. It’s something that you could actually be proud of to give it away. It’s something that you will be very happy to receive.

Konstantin: So anyone for the winter season or the autumn season can get actually already get that?

David: Exactly will be available for the autumn, but our customers we will be out in stores this fall, and then will be for the Christmas sales, and Christmas sales. It’s limited edition, and so we’ll only be there for a limited time.

So this fall, hurry up if you want to get one of those.