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My name is Chris and over the last few years, I have been on a journey to find the perfect balance between getting outdoors and staying healthy. For the longest time, I was a gym rat until I became sick of treadmills, fluorescent lights, and the smelly gym mats. I began a search for a way to transform most of my workouts outdoors.

My wife and I moved to Virginia during the summer of 2013. This move coincided with my falling in love with trail running. Eventually, I stopped calling it “trail running” and began telling my wife I was “leaving to run through the woods…like a bigfoot!”

After a while, I adapted “Like a Bigfoot” as my mantra. To me, it means to fully enjoy the beauty of nature while exploring the limits of my body and mind.

Therefore the purpose of this website is to promote traveling around the world, chasing deer through the woods, throwing giant logs over your back, climbing big ass mountains and eating delicious healthy food! It is for people who are tired of being comfortable and want to push themselves beyond their perceived boundaries.
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