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Hi I’m Sarah, I have been exploring the world one step at a time since 2011. Travel and hiking are my passions and I’m currently living in Switzerland.

What it means to me

Hiking started as a way for me to just be more active. Over time I’ve become addicted to the experience of being in nature, traveling in a way that is slow, conscious and connecting with the outdoors. Especially as someone who sits in front of a computer all week, hiking has become a big piece of my work-life balance.

My Hub

I live in a small town in Switzerland bordering Zurich lake, about 20 min from Zurich. With 350,000 inhabitants Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and is a great destination for any kind of outdoor activities in the low mountain regions and the Alps. The fantastic public transportation allows you to connect to nearly every corner in Switzerland, making it easy to enjoy the outdoors so much more.

Follow Along

For the future, I will continue to write about my hiking trips both in Switzerland and abroad, plus gear reviews and more.

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