The Lünersee is one of the most beautiful alp lakes and is located nearby Brand at the end of the Brandner Valley in Austria. This summer I visited the Lünersee again for a hike. Again? Well, I have lived 2 years in Bludenz in the past when I was studying Tourism at the Tourismusschulen Bludenz. During this time I had already the opportunity to explore different valleys and mountains in this region.

LünerseeSo what’s special about the Lünersee. It’s an artificial lake that has been created with the construction of a dam. The Lünersee is located about 2000 meters above sea level and there is also the Douglas hut next to the cable car station where you can enjoy a coffee, cold drinks, and snacks.

There is also a possibility to stay overnight in the Douglas hut which might be an interesting option if you are planning to hike up to the Schesaplana which is located almost 3000 meters above sea level. A hike from the Douglas hut up to the Schesaplana takes about 3-4 hours, while a hike around the Lünersee takes about 2 hours in case you prefer a shorter hike. The hike around the lake is not demanding and might also be a good choice if you are an inexperienced hiker. There are no steep ascents or descents either.

If you are into fishing, then the Lünersee might also be a great choice. When descending with the cable car at around 4 pm I still saw fishermen arriving with their cars. And if you are looking for a more demanding hike? You could either hike up to the Schesaplana or just hike up to the Douglas hut instead of taking the cable car (Lünerseebahn) which takes around 5 minutes (and operates between June and October). The trail is called “Böser Tritt” and I would recommend taking proper hiking shoes with you in case you are planning to hike it.

And if you won’t be able to hike back once you reached the Lünersee, you can always take the cable car back to the valley. I paid around 12 EUR for the cable car (return ticket) but I also hiked up to the Douglas hut a few years ago. Just make sure you check the time when the last cable car returns down to the valley. Next, you can try to hike the Natursprünge Trail if you are back in Brand.

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