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Last year we were in need to find new hiking pants for our trips so we was looking for pants which would be suitable to wear in the mountains but also while packrafting. We were talking to a Lundhags representative and he provided us with the Lundhags Makke pants for testing.

Lundhags Makke Pant Review

Did you know that the name Makke derives from a mountain in Jämtland in Sweden called Makkene? The name should probably reflect the environment where the Makke pant can be worn.

Field Testing

Konstantin was wearing the Makke pant this year on his trips in France, Finland, Poland, Japan, Russia and Sweden while Patrick was wearing the Makke Pant on the Swedish Packrafting Gathering, on smaller trips around Turku and on a trip in Finnish Lapland and in Northern Norway.

Lundhags Makke Pant Review

The Makke Pant works especially good when you are in the mountains since it is made of a stretch fabric. Moving up and down felt more comfortable to me than with pants having no stretch fabric. However, since the hems of the trouser legs are fortified with Schoeller Keprotec they are also suitable for walking in low undergrowth and are not afraid of scratching against stones.

Lundhags Makke Pant Review

What we also liked were the lower side zippers of the pants. They are quite useful if you have to put on hiking boots with a higher shaft of if you want to roll them up if you have to cross a river. Moreover, the lower zippers are two-sided so you can always unzip it a bit from the top to let more air in.

Lundhags Makke Pant Review Zippers

Moreover, the Makke pant has also zippers on the leg and hand pockets, pre-shaped knees, hem adjustment and a boot hook and weights 436 grams which I found a good weight for such a fully featured pants. One advantage is that you don’t need any belt since the Makke pant comes with an adjustment strap at the waistband.

Lundhags Makke Pants

The Makke Pant also comes with Schoeller Keprotec which should increase the durability of the pants. Finally, a nice feature is also that there is another pocket within the leg pockets which offers enough space for an iPhone and a Thule phone case.

Lundhags Makke Pant Review


So what is the Lundhags Makke Pant made of? The pants consists of LPC (Lundhags PolyCotton) stretch – 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton (FC Free DWR) 181 g/m². The stretch fabric is made by Schoeller Dry Skin which consists of 52% Polyamid, 41% Polyamid (micro) and 7% Elastane. The reinforcements are made of Schoeller Keprotec which are PFOA/PFOS free.

Lundhags Makke Pant Review Japan


Currently, the Lundhags Makke are our favorite pants. We like that they are stretchy and that they also dry reasonably fast since they are not made solely of cotton. The vent zippers on the inner thighs are great and the zippers on the pockets will make sure that you don’t lose anything stored in your pockets. Those pants also work quite well if you are planning to wear them with shell boots.