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A few days ago we received our new winter boots from Lundhags for testing – the Lundhags Skare boots – which we will take with us to Norway in January. We have spotted those new winter boots from Lundhags this year at the ISPO in Munich and immediately fell in love with them.

The Skare boot also won the Scandinavian Outdoor Award 2016. We are already wearing the Lundhags Jaure Light High during the warmer months so we were quite excited to try the new Skare boots.

So what’s so special about those boots? First of all, they are quite lightweight but the highlight is the removable inner boot which is made from wool felt. After a long snowshoeing or skiing trip you can just remove those inner boots and let them dry separately. You will have dry boots in a shorter period of time. What’s more, you can use those inner boots as slippers when you stay overnight in huts. Like most of the Lundhags boots, the Skare boots are shell boots and made of leather.

Lundhags Skare BootsOther new features on these boots are the Vibram Curcuma outsole with toe protection and an EVA insulation in the midsole. The Lundhags Skare boot weighs 738 grams.

Lundhags Skare Boots

Field Testing

The Lundhags Skare boots were the only boots that we had with us in Poland and in Norway. We were wearing them while snowshoeing, winter camping, and walking around in town. We were also wearing the inner boots when walking around in the hotel.

When separating the inner and outer boots it is important to remember that it’s much easier to get your feet into the boots when you first insert the inner boots into the outer boots.


We would say that the quality of the boots is quite good. However, Konstantin had some issues with his boots at the very beginning which could probably be a manufacturing issue.


The grip of the Vibram Curcuma sole on snow is quite good. However, when walking on ice you have to be careful as it might be quite slippery. It’s probably a good idea to get an additional pair of spikes if you have to walk over long stretches of ice or just wear snowshoes.


The boots are very comfortable to wear. We were wearing just one pair of socks (Icebreaker Hike+ Medium) during our trips since the inner boot kept the feet quite warm.


We never had socks when wearing those boots on our winter trip. On one occasion I got a bit of snow into my boots but this was caused because I didn’t pull my pants properly over the boots.

Lundhags Skare Boots


We really love the Lundhags Skare boots. Besides the quality issue with Konstantin’s boot, we would probably take them again with us on our next trip. They are comfortable to walk in and they also look quite nice. They might be a bit slippery on some surfaces but then you should maybe attach some spikes on them.

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