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I am living in Finland since 2006 and read a lot about the history and culture of the Nordic countries (I can recommend the book “Soul of the North” by Neil Kent). Food is part of the culture so I decided to read a bit more about the Nordic kitchen and came across Michele Genest book “The Boreal Feast: A Culinary Journey through the North” which covers culinary aspects of Canada, Finland, and Sweden. Here comes a short review of the Boreal Feast.

The Boreal Feast: A Culinary Journey through the North

The Boreal Feast starts with an introduction where the author examines the meaning of “feast”, the geographical area of the boreal forest and the importance of this area.

The book continues describing dishes that can be prepared with ingredients for each season. Each chapter represents one season and starts with a general introduction on what people do during each season in different Nordic countries but also how nature changes.

Each chapter is complemented by a 2-3 pages story. You will read about the author visiting Sami Chefs in Sweden, the Whitefish Season in Yukon, Midsummer, Swedish Fika, Fjällripa, Kräftskiva, a Northern Tea Party, the Riverboats in British Columbia or a 23-course meal at Fäviken Magasinet in Sweden.

The Boreal Feast ends with the Boreal Pantry Chapter where you can read which plants, herbs, berries, mushrooms, and fish are common for each season in the Nordics.

The book is also an excellent choice for Vegetarians as not all dishes described in the book do contain meat.

The book has 256 pages and each receipt also comes with a picture showing the dish. There are also plenty of pictures for each story in the book.

You can get the book on Amazon.