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Morakniv shows us the Rookie and Eldris at the OutDoor Show 2017 in Friedrichshafen.

Konstantin: Hi this is Konstantin and I’ve got Bjorn Morakniv or otherwise known as Mora Knives isn’t it?

Morakniv: Yes, that’s correct.

Konstantin: Would you say something about your company?

Morakniv: Sure. As some of you might know the company has been awhile for quite a while. We actually started 1891 so it’s 126 years this year. And we’re only making knives pretty much. We have one ax but otherwise we’re only making knives. And, only fixed-blade knives so no folding.

We’re still manufacturing all the products where we started, small city, kind of middle of Sweden, Mora. Same place so all our knives are still manufactured in Sweden, Mora.

Some people might not know how many different types of knives we have. We have pretty much everything. Everything within outdoor. You have hiking, fishing, trekking or bushcraft, hunting and so on.

Konstantin: Mushroom picking.

Morakniv: Mushroom, yeah, for sure.
Wood-carving. Knives for kids. We got professional food industry knives. Profession for meat, fish. Farrier knife, you know, for shoeing horses, knives for the military. Pretty much everything.

We do a lot of knives. We do something like, roughly four million knives a year that we around the whole world more or less. 55 – 60 countries around the world we sell them to. It’s a lot of knives.

Konstantin: But you’re still continuously developing new things aren’t you?

Morakniv: Of course. I mean we have to try to stay ahead of the competitors or at least try to keep up with some of them so we keep adding models. Some are completely new and some are more like small adjustments to existing ones. So, yeah.

Konstantin: Could you just mention a couple of examples of the adjustments or the new ones.

Morakniv: Yeah. I would consider it adjustment, is this one that’s new for this year. It’s the Rookie. So in this one we target the younger people like kids, I would say 5 up to 10, 12 years old. As you can see it’s a much smaller knife, smaller handle. The blade is fairly small and short. It’s very rounded so the tip is safe but still razor-sharp as all our other knives. And a finger guard. It’s a way to get young people to start slowly get used to knives and do some.

Konstantin: To learn how to use them.

Morakniv: To handle a knife. I would say most kids aren’t … They aren’t really concerned that it’s rounded tip or finger guard. I would say it’s more for the parents. They are more scared than the kids so that’s why it’s nice to have a knife that feels and is a little bit safer to start with. It’ll be very popular. So, that’s the Rookie.

Then, something that we showed last year at the show, when it won an award actually was this one, which I’m also carrying around my neck. This is the Eldris. It’s an … It could be a neck knife or pocket knife. And this I would say is a little bit more like, kind of a new product more or less. It’s not just improvements on existing.

Konstantin: What makes it so new?

Morakniv: Well as I said earlier, we’re not making folding knives and if you look around the world there are many, many knives that are sold that are folding knives but it’s not really what we do.

So, we thought “Okay, what can we do to address that need for a small knife.” So we made a knife that’s pretty much the same size over folding. It might be a little bit thicker but otherwise, it’s pretty much the same. In all other aspects, I would say it’s a better knife than a folding knife because you have a really good comfortable handle, good grip.

You don’t need to fold and unfold and risk cutting yourself. I’m always nervous when I’m doing that. You don’t have any mechanism where you get sand or dirt. And, you know, look at this. What you can do with this knife. You can’t do that with a folding. So it’s really robust.

And also, I would say probably, roughly 7, 8, 9 tasks out of 10 when you need a knife, you don’t need a longer blade than this because you know, you open your food bag, you do some cutting of food, you want to do some carving or chopping. I’ve even done some Batoning with this one, of course smaller pieces but you can do it, feather sticks or whatever.

This is just perfect. There’s a lot of hunters, they love this knife because they sole control of where they have the tip. You know exactly where they have knife when they’re working and it’s easy to work with, full control. It’s been a huge success. We’ve been selling so many this year.

Konstantin: And you’ve got the combination also with the fire steel.

Morakniv: Yes. You know like this, you can have it the pocket, the backpack. It’s small, it’s light, very convenient. Or, you can have it hanging around the neck. Like this one, it’s just a special model I had made for myself so it’s leather. It’s kind of a one-off. But normally it comes with Paracord, a locking mechanism so you can’t lost it while … You won’t lose it … But just in case. And then you have the smaller fire steel. You can start a fire.

Konstantin: Talking about fire steel and a knife combination, I see that you also brought a different one.

Morakniv: Exactly, yes. We have the one we call bushcraft survival. It’s been around for a few years. It’s been one with orange and black and one that’s pretty much all in black, with a black blade. And now we also have taken the same one but in other colors so to say, so it’s the caulk-y sand colors. It’s been quite a big request from many of our customers in Middle East, Africa, in those regions where you have, you know, different kind of nature where you’d want to have something like this instead.

Konstantin: Yeah because this is a bit too shouting I’d say.

Morakniv: It is.

Konstantin: It’s easy to find.

Morakniv: Yeah.

Konstantin: That’s probably one of the ideas.

Morakniv: That’s the idea. We used to say we have two models. One is black or something that’s difficult to find. You don’t want it to be seen. And one there is easy to be found. This is normally like hunters or any people out there trekking or hiking that just want to make sure they can find a knife if they put it somewhere around.

Konstantin: Sure.

Morakniv: So I would say that’s what’s new this year.

Konstantin: Okay, thank you very much Bjorn.

Morakniv: Thank you. Excellent.