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Here comes a short review of the Mountain Equipment Fitzroy Jacket. On our trip to Scotland, I took my light Montbell Down UL Down Jacket with me. Initially, I thought that my down jacket would be sufficient but realized later on that it was probably a smart choice to purchase my new Mountain Equipment Fitzroy Jacket. Having done some research on synthetic jackets before our Scotland trip I was already quite focused on the Mountain Equipment Fitzroy Jacket if I would find it for a good price as winter sales were still ongoing.

Mountain Equipment Fitzroy Jacket

Once we arrived in Edinburgh we had a stroll through the city where we passed by a couple of outdoor stores and I was lucky to find a really good deal on the Fitzroy jacket. After my purchase, I felt much better-going camping in a tent on subzero degrees even so I had my regular Cumulus Panyam 450 sleeping bag and my Katabatic Chisos Quilt as an additional sleeping bag layer with me.

A down jacket would probably not have worked very well in rainy and wet conditions. Luckily we had 2 days of sunshine on our paddling trip but the weather became quite nasty on the third day with strong winds and rain in the evening.

I was wearing my Fitzroy jacket every day as soon as I got out of my drysuit. The jacket is really comfortable to wear and the 2 zipped handwarmer pockets with microfleece lining helped to warm up my hands as well while walking around in the camp. The Fitzroy jacket was also perfect to wear in the sleeping bag. The Fitzroy can be worn also as a layer on top of a hard shell as the Fitzroy is not waterproof but a water-resistant jacket.

Mountain Equipment Fitzroy Jacket

The Fitzroy also comes with a stuff bag. Obviously, a synthetic jacket does not pack as small as a down jacket but I prefer to have a jacket with me which keeps me warm in every condition. Especially, when you do packrafting then there is always a chance that your clothes might get wet. But also for winter activities like snowshoeing, a synthetic jacket might be a better choice than a down jacket if you have to walk up hills and start sweating. The disadvantage of the synthetic jacket is that it does not keep you that warm as a down jacket but I was perfectly happy with the Fitzroy jacket at -2 °C and a merino layer/fleece under it.

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