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MSR shows us the Pocket Rocket 2 at the OutDoor Show 2017 in Friedrichshafen.

Konstantin: Hi, this is Konstantin from HikeVentures and I’ve got Doug from MSR So would you tell something about this Pocket Rocket 2?

Doug: Sure, we’ve had the Pocket Rocket. We introduced it back 15 year ago now. Great stove for us, really about the best selling canister stove in the world.

But we really wanted to take that stove and improve it and fix a few things about it, that it kinda aged past where it really was. And one of the things is that the stove was real easy to set up, so it would be pretty large when it was packed and wouldn’t fit inside the smaller pots.

A lot of what people are doing these days is they’re taking a small canister stove and four ounce canister fuel and they want to be able to put it in a pot that’s sized for a four ounce canister. And the original Pocket Rocket that we had out was longer than that. So it wouldn’t really fit in those kits for that ultra-light, ultra-fast backpacking.

Konstantin: I know.

Doug: So, we set out on the Pocket Rocket team to see performance that we had, great flame adjustability, really solid build quality. To make it in a way, compact and smaller and be a little bit lighter and make that stove just feel like it’ll work for the next 15 years. So we created the Pocket Rocket 2 and the Pocket Rocket 2 made the bottom of the body a little bit smaller.

And then re-did the legs so that it also fit a wider variety of pots and then came up with this folding mechanism with the legs, that the legs rotate down so that they compact very, very small. So that it would then fit inside a pot that’s sized for a four ounce canister. So smaller and lighter, more compact than the original with the same great performance. That’s the Pocket Rocket 2.