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MSR shows us the Trail Mini Solo at the OutDoor Show 2017 in Friedrichshafen.

Konstantin: Hi, this is Konstantin from High Adventures and I’ve got Owen from MSR. Owen, can you tell us more about this interesting combination?

Owen: Yeah, absolutely. So, MSR, we’ve had cookware for 20 years. It started with stainless steel and titanium, then aluminium. Over the years, people wanted more and more that you get in bowls, which has been really great for kind of your standard camping set up. As time went on, like system stoves, like the Windboiler, where you have to actually put the fuel and the stove inside and there’s a cup and a lid that all work. And actually we’re getting a tall out of the system. That I realized we can actually see in our cookware…it’s something that we needed, we wanted to create a really small setup. It was a big setup.

Konstantin: So basically what she wanted to do is that…going with the dream. Just grab one thing and you go.

Owen: He wanted a small pack for on a short trip, instead of immediately they wanted coffee with a team. But they wanted it in one grab. Once they have it, they know everything’s there, they put it in their pack and go.
So with this, we created the Trail Mini Series. So we got the Trail Mini Solo. The Trail Mini Solo is because with this one small pot, you can create just enough water for one dehydrator.

Konstantin: So it’s about 400 kilometres.

Owen: This is point seven four litters.

Konstantin: Kilometres

Owen: This is full. So it’s half a liter to right here at the bottom of this.

Owen: What’s really pretty cool is each piece was found out independently, meaning this piece must be full and so… and then all pieces together.

What I want is I want to give you more than just the pot. Right off the bat, it’s got some silicon banding so I can grab it. If it’s full of hot water, you can still hold it. So it gives me a lot of versatility. But, we also designed a small gripper for if it’s really hot.

But we wanted to make sure if you get the smallest thing, you get a lot. So the goal is a very small pot, fuel canister goes inside.

Then you got the pocket rocket too, which is also very small. This is actually designed to fit most pockets. Very small, it doesn’t have to be just this type. I mean all the other stuff…

It will fit in there just like this. Your lifter will fit in there. A lighter will fit in there and maybe a coffee packet. And then, once you have all that in there, of course you need a bowl. That fits in there. You need a lid and that snaps on this one with a strainer.

So with this little small kit, now you have a full complete kitchen set.

Konstantin: For one or two people.

Owen: One or two people.

Konstantin: And sorry, the lid also fits the bowl?

Owen: This lid does. We will, might, yes… Very versatile. Which is really nice cos you can boil water and you can check it.

Konstantin: Works out if you have this noodles.

Owen: Noodles.

Konstantin: Supposedly it will take a couple of minutes in preparing them, drop

Owen: Yep.

Konstantin: Then pour them.

Owen: Yep. Or you make your tea or coffee. Put it here first, and then while you’re boiling your second water, drink it.

Konstantin: Exactly.

Owen: And then you let this still boil, and you’re making your noodles. The other nice thing is this can be used if you want to drink from it. When it’s hot, you slide this one and that’s a coozie.

And now you’ve got a cup. It’s very versatile. Just kinda like with the other model, making sure it’s not just single use, works with anything whatever you want.

And then the larger one. This one fits the eight ounce just right. That in there and the lid on it.

This is really nice.

And so this will do just enough water for one meal and this is enough water for two meals. This is the smallest two person complete kit.

And both, everybody gets a bowl.

Konstantin: How heavy is it, actually?

Owen: This is, I don’t know that answer. This one is five ounces.

Konstantin: Grams…

Owen: And this is about an eight ounces, I’m pretty sure.
But, it’s aluminium. Very lightweight. Very lightweight

Konstantin: Thank you very much.

Owen: Yeah, absolutely.