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MSR shows us the TrailBase water filter at the OutDoor Show 2017 in Friedrichshafen.

Konstantin: Hi. This is Konstantin form Hike Ventures and I’ve got Holden from MSR. Holden, can you talk about this new water purification system.

Holden: Yeah. For sure. So, the new filter for this year from MSR is the TrailBase water filter. Now, last year, we introduced the TrailShot filter, which is a very small, personal filter that allows you to store it very small and you pull it out very fast and drink, so going to make filtered water on demand.

And this became very successful and very popular quickly. It’s very limited in the sense that it’s not … it doesn’t compete with all the other water filters, the big pumps that are going to generate a lot of water. This is very, just kind of for a me or you kind of filter, where I can put this right in the water, refilter, pop the top, and then what you do, is just with some squeezing, you can just pump water right into your mouth or into a bottle.

So that was really nice, but it will only do one liter a minute, and if I want to fill up a big pot, that’s a lot of water. And that’s a lot of squeezing.

Konstantin: Yeah, and you can get tired.

Holden: Exactly. So it wasn’t designed to fill large volumes, it was designed to get water very quickly. So you can carry this small water, and you can just get water when you need it.

So the solution for this year is to reinvent how people use gravity filtration. And when I did a study over all gravity filtration out there, I realized that they’re all the same. It’s a bag, it’s a filter, it’s a hose.

Konstantin: And the gravity does the same.

Holden: Yeah, but they were all the same. They all had bags, they all had filters, they all had hoses. There’s no difference between them. And what’s missing is the filter module itself doesn’t do anything for you outside of this whole system. So what we’ve done this year is taken this very popular, very successful stable filter, and worked it into a gravity system. What we wanted to do is make sure is thought. We wanted no waste parts, nothing you had to set down on the ground or keep track of. So, you have your carry bag, you fill that up with water, you’ve got this hose, which is very common to the gravity …

Konstantin: It’s a quick seam, just …

Holden: So you’ve got that, it’s very quick here. Then we do … is when you use this is from hiking from the trail head to camp, and this is your water filter the whole time. When you get to camp and you want to make more water, you take this. With a half screw, connect it here, and then you have this clean bag, which collects all your clean, filtered water, and filter that fast.

Konstantin: So it’s basically click, click, click.

Holden: Yeah, that’s it.

So the other problem with gravity filters is there’s air in the hose. So you’re trying to fill the water, and the air, and it wants to take it through and do a juggling act back and forth. This one is the first gravity filter that as soon as you clip this, you give this thing a couple pumps, and it pushes the air and water through, and I walk away. And all of a sudden, this whole thing does all the work for me.

The nice thing about it is, at any point in time, as soon as I disconnect this, this is auto shut off, so I’ve got a full bottle of water, and go hang this in a tree, and I can now dispense my water out, and have water for washing my hands or dishes, unscrew this and fill up a pot.

I can disconnect this and walk away with it, and now I have a filter to go on a trail. So what it is, is in terms of filters that is a very specific … it only does it’s job right when you’re using it. Now you have a filter that ends filter on the trail. It’s an entirely different filter at camp. And then you can have the water reservoir when you go beyond camp. The thing is, you take it with you. So you’ve got three different modes. You can use them in any combination you want.

So instead of creating a new line of filter, we created a whole system. One purchase, you just get everything.

Konstantin: So you have the water bag, you have the filter, which can be used both part of the system, but also as a stand alone filter, and you have the water bag that can be used as just a regular water bag, but also dispense water.

Holden: Some of the nice features is pack-ability, because one of the new designs with this was to make it so everything fits in very nicely
Konstantin: So the click in system basically fits in?

Holden: Yeah. So now this, when it’s empty, just lives in your backpack, nice and small. And when you’re ready for it, (unfolds water bag) that fast.

Konstantin: Deployed in seconds.

Holden: The one nice thing about this personal water filter, if we focus on just this, is in the personal water filter category, most filters are truly one person. I can only use it for me. This one is really nice, this fits anywhere, I don’t have to …I can just aim it down, I can pump the water into my mouth. So obviously you do a lot of work, if you’re thirsty, you can pump as much as you want, but I can also fill up refillable water bottles. This is a personal water filter that works for a small group.

Konstantin: So you can basically take this filter with you?

Holden: Absolutely. This is the new personal, group filter. We call it the TrailBase because it is a trail filter, and a base filter.

Konstantin: TrailBase. Thank you Holden.

Holden: Absolutely.