The sunset over Murodo, Tateyama mountain, Japan. That was out first day in the Japan alps and the second day in Japan. And we had a late start that day. The reason for it was that we spent the first night in Kanazawa and we needed to travel for several hours to get to Murodo, the entry point of our multi day hike.

Not being known to wake up early (if we can help it), we didn’t leave Kanazawa before 8.30 and it took us almost three hours to get to the place. Once there, we also didn’t seem to be in a hurry and enjoyed a bowl of lovely soba noodles and a soak in Japan’ highest onsen, a natural hot spring bath. Once fed and clean, we set out for our adventure around 4 pm. There was one thing, though, which we did not take under consideration. And it was the time when it got dark.

Coming from Europe where we have virtually mid-night sun and this being our second day in Japan and all, we realized rather late that the sun would start to set just after 7 pm and around 8 it would be completely dark. So, instead of staying in a tent on the trail, as we originally planned it, we had to stay in the shelter instead. That might have also been influenced by the fact that we were stopped by a hiker, who turned out to be a patrolling police officer, who questioned us about our plans and indicated that camping was not really allowed.

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