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This weekend I took my bicycle and cycled 25 km around lake Tuusula. The route is famous for its ‘Rantatie’ where many Finnish artists lived in the 19th century and influenced Finnish culture.

Tuusula Lotta Museum sightseeing travel

Tuusula rantatie museums sightseeing

On the trip, there were many traditional houses.

Art Museum in Tuusula.

Halosenniemi – Art museum dedicated to Pekka Halonen (1865 – 1933) – a painter of Finnish landscapes and people

Pekka Halonen house

Big window of Pekka Halonen’s house.

The house is surrounded by beautiful landscape

As well as flowers …

Lotta Svart

Lotta Museum is dedicated to Lotta Svart – voluntary paramilitary organization for women formed in 1918

The trip continues …

Aleksis Kiven kuolinmökki Tuusula

The death house of Aleksis Kivi.


Erkkola Museum Tuusula

Erkkola Museum – Erkkola was a poet and leading cultural figure around 1900.

Tuusula Church

Tuusula Church from 1734

Tuusula Church

Tuusula Church World War

A World War Monument in Tuusula.

Grave of Aleksis Kivi (1834-1872) who wrote the first significant novel in Finnish – Seven Brothers

Tuusula Työläiskoti Museum

Työläiskotu Museum Tuusula Työläiskoti Museum

Tuusula Työläiskoti Museum

Tuusula Työläiskoti Museum

Tuusula Työläiskoti Museum


After visiting all the museums I enjoyed a break on the bird tower in Tuusula

Had to walk a little bit through the forrest

Tuusula Trees

Passing some birch trees

Tuusula Lintutorni

Tuusula Landscape

Nice scenery from the bird tower in Tuusula

Tuusula Landscape

The picturesque countryside of Tuusula

Järvenpää City

And finally reached Järvenpää again

Järvenpää Beach


Museums in Tuusula