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It is autumn in Finland and the forests are full of mushrooms. Come and discover with me some mushrooms in Southern Finland. Your task on this adventure is to identify those mushrooms.

Mushrooms in Finland

This seems to be a mushroom family. My guess is that these are honey mushrooms.
Mushrooms in Finland

First, we have to get deeper into the forest to find the real gems!

Mushrooms in FinlandDo you know this one?

Mushrooms in FinlandOr this one?

Mushrooms in FinlandWould you try eating this one?

Mushrooms in FinlandFather mushroom protects his family.

Mushrooms in FinlandEither father or mother mushroom is missing.

Mushrooms in FinlandAnother happy mushroom family.Now it’s your turn. Are you a mushroom expert able to identify the mushrooms on the pictures above?

There is also a good book if you want to learn more about mushrooms: "Mushrooming without fear". You can get it at Amazon (US) (affiliate link).