After a grey start in the winter, we finally got snow and I decided together with Jonni to do a 3.5 km hike at Myllykoski in Nurmijärvi – just a 25 min drive from my house in Järvenpää.

Myllykoski Nurmijärvi

I was really surprised to find such a rapid nearby. However, I wouldn’t consider going packrafting there since I found it a bit dangerous and I also sold my packraft recently. However, the river nearby the loop which we hiked seemed to have quite a nice stretch for packrafting beginners.

YouTube video


Back to the hike, the parking spot was easy to find and the trail starts right away from there and is quite well maintained with scenic views towards the river. The first laavu – or fireplace was just a 20 minutes walk away from the parking and was serviced. It took a while until the wet wood burned but luckily we found some dry wood as well.

After we have had our dinner we continued our walk until we came to a bridge which was built over the river. However, it was not part of the official hiking loop so we walked back to the fireplace to find the right trail. However, it was worth to visit the bridge.

Once we returned to the parking area we went to the stronger section of the rapid which was quite impressive and there are 2 bridges from where I was able to get quite good pictures. There was also another fireplace next to it.

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