If you are visiting Turku then you should also visit nearby Naantali, which is only 14 km away from Turku to visit its old wooden houses in Mannerheimintie and along the guest harbour with its nice restaurants and a great view towards the church and kultaranta – the summer residence of the President of Finland. There is also the observation tower which is one of the remaining old buildings from the old spa in Naantali. I would say Naantali is definitely one of the best places to visit at the baltic sea if you are interested in cities and culture. The city can easily be reached by bus.

Naantali – One of the best places to visit nearby Turku

The Naantali Church is from 1462. As in most other churches around the baltic sea in Sweden and Finland I was also able to spot a small model ship hanging from the ceiling of the church. There has been also some paintings on the wall from the medival ages which have been covered by another layer of paint. Only a small part of it was made visible by removing the paint. At least that’s my theory.

In Mannerheimintie which leads to the harbour with its restaurant there were plenty of ‘symbols’ attached to each house. Most of the houses also had a name. I really liked a window which had model sailing ships in it. At the Naantalie museum in Maanerheiminkatu you can see how people lived in old times in Naantali.

Naantali is definitely worth a visit because of it’s location next to the sea, the old buildings and it’s history and of course the restaurants which are located at the harbour with their magnificent view towards the sea and kultaranta – the summer residence of the President of Finland which I am going to visit in August once I am back from our hiking adventure in Northern Sweden. There is also something for kids called Muumin World in case you want to travel to Naanatali with your whole family.

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