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Recently, I started with a new hobby – recording nature sound in stereo. Previously, I have always used my Sennheiser MKE 600 to record nature sound but I got interested into stereo ambient sound recording. I don’t have much experience in recording yet but after reading several blogs I learned that I can attach my Clippy Stereo EM172 like ears on a tree. The tree serves as a human head. In general, I was interested in a lightweight setup and that’s why I think the Clippy Stereo EM172 are one of the best solutions for me.

MixPre-3 and Fel Communications Clippy Stereo EM172

Beside my microphones I also ordered Rycote windjammer. They are quite important to have when recording audio outside.

MixPre-3 and Clippy Stereo EM172

My recorder is the Sound Devices MixPre-3. Personally, I found this the perfect audio recorder. It’s small, solid and can be powered with normal batteries but also with a USB Power Bank such as the Anker Power Core+.

MixPre-3 and Clippy Stereo EM172

And here is the audio file which I have produced with this setup (wear a headset to listen).

More nature stereo audio recordings to come …