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NRS shows us their expedition duffel at the OutDoor Show 2017 in Friedrichshafen.

Konstantin: Hi this is Konstantin from Hike Ventures. And I’ve got Rafael from NRS.

Rafael: Yep.

Konstantin: Rafael, could you tell us something about your new products?

Rafael: Yeah, definitely. One of my favorites for this season is our new expedition duffel. It’s super durable. And there’s these incredible zipper. Absolutely water tight.

Konstantin: The T-Zip.

Rafael: It’s a T-Zip and it’s absolutely water tight. And what we did, we have … We don’t use plastic buckles. We have these metal buckles and hooks, so it’s super durable as well. And you can compress it here.

Konstantin: All right, so you can actually pack it as much as you want. And then-

Rafael: Then you compress it here, like this. And then you have these attachment points here. You have the daisy chains, so it’s super easy to attach it in a pack raft, for example. You have hooks here and loops. And you have … You can carry it easy if it’s heavy.

It’s available in two sizes. We have 35 meter and 70 meter. And in two colors, if you want to be a bit more-

Konstantin: Brighter.

Rafael: Brighter, then-

Konstantin: More visible.

Rafael: You have the blue one, or otherwise the gray one.

Konstantin: Okay. This looks really robust I would say.

Rafael: Yep. It is robust.

Konstantin: Definitely the stitching is also very well done. I mean, there’s a lot of stitching here.

Rafael: Oh yeah.

Konstantin: It’s going to hold very well. What else do you have for us?

Rafael: Well we have this life-jacket. It’s an update for this year. We have new colors and we have a new bag here, so there’s more space for your daily gear.

And what I love is this informal pockets here. So whenever you stay around and wait for something, or when you get cold hands, that’s a way to warm you up.

And it’s a side entry so if you want to … So you close it there on the side.


Konstantin: No. Sorry.

Rafael: It’s in here. Yeah. So you close it there on the side.

Konstantin: All right.

Rafael: There’s a mounting point for knives for example. And, yeah.
Should be comfortable. And this adjusts by pulling it forward.

Konstantin: It’s quite easy to wear this.

Rafael: Yeah.

Konstantin: That’s very nice.

Rafael: And this one is bigger than last year’s because we recognized that people have so big mobile phones, and with a waterproof case, so now they fit in, even if it’s a big one.

Konstantin: May I try.

Rafael: Absolutely.

Konstantin: I’ve got my phone here.

Konstantin: And actually, it’s also padded.

Rafael: Yep.

Konstantin: So there is extra protection. But it can hold a little bit of a hit.

Rafael: Exactly.

Konstantin: Nice. And of course, for the hands.

Rafael: And if you have cold hands, we have a complete range of gloves as well. And for real cold weather, that’s my favorite. It’s the Maverick. You can see here it’s kind of the gaskets here, so it keeps you warm and as dry as possible.

Konstantin: This is neoprene?

Rafael: Yep. It’s two millimeter.

Konstantin: Two millimeter.

Rafael: It’s not too thick, so you can feel what you do. And it’s, there’s a-

Konstantin: The grip was really good as well. This nice structure. Yeah, and the hands fit-

Rafael: Yeah.

Konstantin: Just around. It’s almost like a mouth. Isn’t it? Mouth opening.

Rafael: It is. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And that’s the most important thing here. To avoid losing one of your gloves, you just put it together and put it in your bags. So you have them always together. It’s-

Konstantin: It’s almost like feeling like in kindergarten. When my parents attached the strings.

Rafael: Exactly. So that’s adult version.

Konstantin: That’s an adult version of this.

Rafael: Yeah, exactly.

Konstantin: I need to take it off because it’s getting a bit too warm right now.

Rafael: Great. And last but not least. We have this fantastic new helmet. The helmet itself is not new. We had them since a couple of years. We have new design. And we have complete new liner in here.

And if you know helmets from years ago, they’re not comfortable. It’s hard and it’s not comfortable and so, this liner is like a ski helmet so it’s super comfortable. You can pull it out and wash it. It’s another advantage.

Konstantin: And basically you have … Just to show it inside. So basically you have three different versions of this helmet.

Rafael: Yep.

Konstantin: Or, the full-face starting from the one just with visor.

Rafael: Yeah.

Konstantin: Small one. This one has ear pieces. Protection.

Rafael: Yep, exactly.

Konstantin: And you have the full-face with the jaw as well.

Rafael: Yeah.

Konstantin: So this is the middle one.

Rafael: Yeah.

Konstantin: Oops. It sits really comfortable.

Rafael: Yeah.

Konstantin: Doing it for the first time.

Rafael: It’s okay.

Konstantin: Even like this, it does not really fall.

Rafael: If you wear it the whole day during your pack rafting tour, it’s still comfortable and it keeps you warm.

Konstantin: Yeah. And you have … Some of the helmets have also the ventilation.

Rafael: Yep.

Konstantin: So this one is more for the-

Rafael: Yeah. You have less ventilation and but more protection. So it’s your decision as a paddler, what do you need.

Konstantin: Exactly.

Rafael: More comfort or-

Konstantin: A little bit more protection. Hey, well thank you very much.