nuuksioThe Nuuksio National Park is located close to Helsinki (1-hour bus trip – 85A from Espoo Centre) and a popular place for people living in Helsinki to get away from the busy city life and enjoy the outdoors and go hiking, camping, packrafting or kayaking. You will find gorges formed by the last ice age, valleys, 43 lakes and hills which are up to 110 meters.

Hiking in Nuuksio National Park

Nuuksio National Park is ideal for hiking, cycling or horse riding. The trails are marked and there are also Lavus and fireplaces. You can also go skiing, swimming, packrafting or stroll through the park to pick mushrooms and berries.

I went to Nuuksio several times hiking. Once, it was the end of December and we had +5 °C in Southern Finland which is quite unusual for this time of the year. However, this was a good opportunity to test my new rain jacket, visit the new Finnish Nature Center Haltia and to have a short hike from Haltia to Haukkalampi and back (10 km).

Most popular trails in Nuuksio National Park:

  • Punarinnankierros Trail, 2 km – marked with red signs
  • Haukankierros Trail, 4 km – marked with blue signs
  • Korpinkierros, 8 km – marked with yellow signs

Haukkalampi is the most common starting point for a hike in Nuuksio. During the warmer months, it can be quite crowded here as hiking is quite popular in Finland.

The Finnish Nature Center Haltia has been opened recently where you can explore different aspects of the nature in Finland.

There are plenty of signboards on the main trails and plenty of trails leaving from the Nature Center Haltia into the woods. The trails are very well maintained. Some trails are very easy to hike since they are so well maintained. Comfortable stairs leading up the hill.

Mosses covering stones. It was quite wet on this day but there were also fewer people strolling around in the park.

Then we arrived in Haukkalampi – our destination – most of the visitors start their hike in Nuuksio from here.

Since the Nuuksio National Park is located nearby Helsinki it is probably the easiest accessible National Park in Finland for most of the people and there are several buses operating from Helsinki and Espoo.

During the weekends the park is sometimes quite crowded especially around the fireplaces but you can also hike off the main tracks.

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