A few weeks ago, I bought the Ortlieb Duffle RS 140L as I was looking for a duffle bag with wheels as it would be easier to transport my gear over longer distances. The Duffle RS 140L was especially useful on our Japan trip where we had to change trains quite often but also at the airport. In the picture below, you can see the Duffle RS bag with Mount Fuji in the background.

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We had also a smaller version of the Duffle RS with us and an Ortlieb Big-Zip (which is basically the same duffle as the Duffle RS just without tires).

Initially, I bought the Big-Zip 140L because I needed a foldable solution that would fit into my packraft but realized after I bought the Duffle RS that it would also fit into the cargo fly of my packraft.

Ortlieb Duffle RS 140L Review

However, the Big-Zip 140L is still a great bag as I can easily fold it and take it with me on a trip in case I need to carry more items with me back home.


The Duffle RS 140 comes as already mentioned with two wheels. They were probably made for more demanding roads as I have used them on gravel and had no issues to pull the bag behind me. However, on sand (beach) it was more challenging.

Ortlieb Duffle RS 140L Review

Besides the wheels, there is a smaller bag within the duffle bag which can be attached in different ways to store smaller items. There is also an external mesh bag to store smaller items. One feature which I like is that you can attach the ends of the bag where the zipper is to sides of the bag. This helps to increase or decrease the size of the bag a bit.

Ortlieb Duffle RS 140L Review

It’s also possible to carry and pull the bag in several ways and I found the handle to pull the duffle bag very comfortable. I also carried the bag like a regular backpack with the only drawback of not having a hip-belt.

Finally, the zippers are TZIPs which are waterproof. This means, however, that you need a special gel that you apply to the zipper so you can easily close and open the bag.

One negative aspect of the bag is that the lower part with the wheels is not that foldable.


So far, I am quite excited about the Ortlieb Duffle RS 140L for traveling. It’s much more convenient to use than the Big-Zig 140L because of it’s wheels. They work well on gravel but at the beach, they were useless in the sand. The fabric seems to be durable as well and the TZIP makes the bag waterproof so you could also use it theoretically on top of your packraft to transport gear. I could also store the Duffle RS 140L within the tubes of my Alpackaraft Gnarwhal while I was paddling on the Ivalo River in Finnish Lapland.

I liked the small outer mesh pocket where I stored my passport or my Japanese rail pass when changing trains. Further, a positive aspect is that I can easily throw in gear and get the gear out compared to a regular backpack and the Ortlieb Duffle RS 140L is my go-to duffle bag on my trips. More about our Japan trip.

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