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Since I am interested in outdoor photography, I am currently looking for books that give me new ideas and inspirations on how I could take my pictures to the next level. This article is about the book “Outdoor Action and Adventure Photography” from Dan Bailey which is a very good book especially if you are new into outdoor photography.

Dan Bailey - Outdoor Action and Outdoor Photography

At the beginning the book discusses gear i.e. cameras, lenses, outdoor clothing, etc. and continues with more technical issues regarding cameras e.g. shutter speed, aperture, ISO and metering patterns which might be nothing new for advanced photographers but quite interesting for beginners. Then the author discusses subjects like how to deal with tricky light situations, the importance of autofocus for action photography and what the differences are between phase detection, contrast detection and hybrid detection, prefocusing and focuses tracking which was interesting to read as I was more focusing on still images in the past where I was focusing mainly manually.

The following chapter deals with creativity where the author explains the stages and ingredients of creativity, types of lights like the magic hour (sunset and sunrise) and how the vantage point gives your images a different feel.

Next, there is a chapter about post-production and image editing which might be also interesting for beginners followed by a chapter that discusses lightning and how to use flash and softboxes which I found quite interesting as I have not used a flash that often in the past as well.

Then there is a separate chapter for those of you who would like to become professional outdoor photographers and what to consider before going pro followed by a chapter with photographers profiles where you can get some ideas on how others became pro, what they shoot and their experiences as pros from a business point of view.

In general, I liked this book and would recommend it especially if you are new into outdoor photography and would like to get an insight or an overview of outdoor photography either as a hobby or if you are playing with the idea of becoming a professional.

I really liked that the text is complemented with many pictures which gave me some inspirations which I have not thought of before reading this book. There could have been more ideas about post-processing but if you are new to Lightroom then you will get a good overview of how to use it as a tool.

You can get the book on Amazon.