Since a couple of weeks we were thinking of possibilities to go packrafting in the Netherlands but we were struggling to find a suitable place to due the low water levels. We then jumped 2 weeks ago into the train from Leeuwarden in the Netherlands and arrived in Maastricht 5 hours later in order to explore the border of the Netherlands and Belgium – the Grensmaas!

Packrafting Grensmaas

On our trip we passed by from Maaswerken in Itteren, Neerharen, Geulle Aan De Maas, Elsloo, the E314 bridge before the Juliana Canal (Julianakanaal) and Stein. There were also leftovers of a fun park on our way which looked really strange to us.

This morning it was really foggy when we started Packrafting and there was a rapid in front of us. We had no clue if the rapid will be very strong. However it was very noisy, so it was very exciting to explore how the actual rapid would look like. In fact it was nothing really impressive, just a man made drop. However, considering some safety aspects of white water, one should be careful when passing man made dams. They can be deadly and we didn’t scout what was actually there in front of us which could have been a big mistake.

Then we reached a spot where a ferry is operating at Berg aan de Maas. Here we had to get out of our packrafts. After 200 meters of walking we were able to get back into our packrafts. But first we had a small break and explored the area nearby. Limburg seems to be a paradise for bicycle trips as well. There was also a geologic description of the Maasvallei and a Second World War Monument. There was also a bell which one has to ring if he needs the ferry. We paddled another hour before we finished our paddling trip and we came across another ferry which is operating between Millen and Grevenbicht.

After we packed our packrafts and gear we walked around in Grevenbicht. The people were quite friendly and communicative. We went to a local bakery and to Albert Heijn to get some food while waiting for the bus to Sittards train station. In general, we enjoyed the second day much more since the Grensmaas had a stronger current and the weather was perfect too once the fog disappeared in the morning.


GPS Data day 1 and day 2

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