After we had a 3 hours drive from Poznan to Jelenia Góra we finally reached our accommodation in the small village called Jagniąntków. The next day me, Konstantin and one of his Polish friends who lives permanently in Iceland and just returned from a 11 weeks trip throughout Europe set out with our Packrafts in the river Bóbr. Here is also a short video.

Packrafting River Bóbr in Poland

The river itself was quite nice to paddle even though there were no rapids before the dam. However, it was a good opportunity for me to test my new GoPro Hero 4 and a mount which Konstantin assembled for me (the idea itself comes from the The Deliverance Team and has worked already quite well on Konstantins Packraft.

In total we had 3 Packrafts and 2 Kayaks in our group. After the long drive and Konstantins wedding party 2 days before it was quite relaxing just to float on the river and enjoy the nature.

Our trip started nearby Wieży Książęcej at Siedlęcinie and ended at the dam at Wrzeszczyn. The distance is about 4.5 km and took us approximately 2 hours.

At the dam we left the river. There were still some rapids ahead of us but we decided to return to our accommodation since everyone was still tired from the days before and we had around 34 C. It was also hard to get to the river after the dam since there was a border of gigantic nettles stretching 50 m from the trail to the river. It’s certainly not so nice to walk through a nettle jungle with shorts and sandals 🙂

You can find the GPS data of the trip here.

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