One week ago we went to a packrafting trip on the Emån River which is located in the south-east of Sweden and flows into the baltic sea. We started our trip in Högsby and paddled all the way down to Påskallavik, spending one night in Fliseryd in our Hilleberg Anjan tent.


Emån Packrafting

In Högsby we inflated our Packrafts. Konstantin had his yellow Alpacka Raft Denali Llama and I had my Yukon Yak with me.

Unfortunately, it was raining the whole morning but once we were in the Packraft it was fine. I had a bottle of water, GPS and camera in a waterproof bag attached outside on the backpack. Finally, in the afternoon we also got some sun which lifted our spirit.

The scenery changed from occasionally which made paddling even more interesting and there were even possibilities to maneuver your packraft through kayaking slalom gates.

In Fliseryd we had to step out of the boat since there was a dam. We decided to walk a couple of kilometers and pitched our Hilleberg tent in a forest. The next day we had Snickers for breakfast – maybe not the most healthy food – and we also prepared a cup of tea.

The next morning we continued our hike and passed by the official camping place Jungnerholmarna Fliseryd for caravans. It seems that there has been a production of batteries in the past and the whole area had been cleaned of toxic materials. We decided to continue our hike for a while as we were paddling the whole previous day.

The second part of our trip was more demanding and there were more rapids than on the day before. However, there were also spots where we could just relax (and paddle).

At one spot the river split into two and we decided to take the river which was more narrow. However, a tree lay on one rapid where Patrick fell off his packraft and we were looking for an opportunity to have a break and to dry our stuff. And then there were more rapids after our break until we finally got out of the river in Påskallavik where we got immediately attacked by black flies. After we deflated our packrafts we decided to walk to the city center and to stay the night on the coast.

Even so, we slept under the open sky we were able to sleep well until 9 am.

In general, the route seems to be manageable also for “experienced beginners” if you know where to step out and skip the risky parts (especially where the dams are or if you see obstacles like a fallen tree on a rapid). If you have only time for 1 day we would definitely recommend the part between Fliseryd and Påskallavik.


GPS Data Day 1
GPS Data Day 2
Detailed route description and map

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