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For our packrafting trips we were looking for a suitable helmet and came across the Petzl Meteor 3+ helmet which has also a certification to be used as a watersport helmet (see Petzl website for more details). A helmet is an important safety tool which we are also using for slower rapids where you can e.g. also get stuck in a tree and fall out of the packraft. Here comes a short review of a helmet which I found to be one of the best lightweight packrafting helmets available.

Petzl Meteor 3 helmet review


The Petzl Meteor 3+ Helmet is certified for climbing and watersports and weights 235 grams. There are clips to attach a headlamp and the headband is adjustable. There are ventilation holes on the helmet and an adjustable chinstrap with magnetic buckle. The helmet also comes with a storage bag. Certification(s): CE EN 12492, UIAA (escalade).

Petzl Meteor 3 helmet
Petzl Meteor 3 helmet

The storage bag for the Petzl Meteor 3+ helmet.

Petzl Meteor 3 helmet

Petzl Nao headlamp attached to the Petzl Meteor 3+.

Petzl Meteor 3 helmet

Petzl Meteor 3+: What you find in the package.

After contacting Petzl, the Meteor 3+ seems currently be the last model which is also suitable for water sports. The new Meteor 4 is not certified for watersport and according to Petzl the Meteor 4 is mainly targeted towards climbers. So if you need a great helmet for watersport you should grap one of those Petzl Meteor 3+ helmets as soon as possible. Some event organizers will ask you to wear a helmet which is certified towards a certain activity (product liability insurance) as a requirement to participate (most likely this has something to do with legal/insurance issues).

Packrafting EmÂn River

Petzl Meteor 3+ on our packrafts in Sweden.

Grensmaas Packrafting

Petzl Meteor 3+ helmet worked well on our packrafting trip in the Netherlands.


The Petzl Meteor 3+ is comfortable to wear and a lightweight helmet which can easily be transported on your backpack along your outdoor trips.

It’s just worth to have some additional safety especially on your head since rivers can be unpredictable and you may also lose control of your packraft.

The helmet also vents nicely so I was not really sweating under it. It’s also possible to wear some sort of fleece cap under it if you plan to go packrafting during the colder days of the year.

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