On my last trip to Germany, I was visiting the Pfahlbau museum in Unteruhldingen at the Lake of Constance which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The original houses have been build around 4000 BC and 850 BC. The museum consists of reconstructions of stilt houses from the Bronze and Stone age as well as a cinematic introduction which is available to every visitor participating in the guided tour (which is included in the ticket price). The artifacts which are displayed in the museum have been found all over the area.

Pfahlbau Museum Unteruhldingen

During the guided tour I have learned that such constructions have been built all over the area. Water was considered as the best way to travel and to transport goods at this time as most of the area was covered by dense forest. The lake of constance was considerably smaller during that time and temperatures were similar to mediterranean climate.

Having a steady home also meant that it’s inhabitants had to do farming. Salt was used to preserve food and bronze metal was the raw material to create all kind of weapons and tools during the bronze age.

The price for the ticket was 9 EUR and I found the pricing reasonable since a guided tour is included in the price.

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