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PMags.com is my home in cyberspace. It is a way for me to write about one of my favorite passions: The outdoors.

The website grew out of my enjoyment of sharing knowledge and helping others with their outdoor pursuits.
Currently, I call Boulder, CO my home. Living where the plains meet the Rockies, I have ample opportunity to hike, ski, backpack and even enjoy the occasional climb. The amazing amount of craft breweries in the area also helps for post-outdoor trip libations. 😉
My website covers a variety of topics: trip planning, some favorite places, the occasional gear review and conveying overall outdoor knowledge and information.PMags

If I had to describe PMags.com, it is much like me: practical, informative, down-to-earth and conversational sprinkled with the occasional joke or two.
I am fortunate that the Boulder area itself has some wonderful hikes and climbs right in the foothills. The Indians Peaks Wilderness and Rocky Mountain National Park are within an hour of my home and allow easy access to peaks as high as over 14000 feet (4300 meters). Other favorites are the Wind River Range of Wyoming, the San Juans of southern Colorado, the Pecos Wilderness in New Mexico and Utah’s red rock country. And many more!
I’ve been lucky in my life in terms of outdoor opportunities. I hope to enjoy many more outdoor experiences in the future.