I have been visiting Porkkalanniemi twice – during early spring and winter. Porkkalanniemi is considered as one of the most beautiful Finnish shorelines because it is one of the few spots which opens up directly to the open sea. It is located South of Kirkkonummi and easily accessible by car. 

There are also facilities at Porkkalanniemi such as fireplaces, tables, information boards, dry toilets, marked routes and benches. Porkkalanniemi is also very close to Estonia – just 36 km and it’s also a popular spot for bird watchers e.g. there is also a birdwatching tower that offers an excellent view towards the open sea.

Moreover,  there is also a military naval base which I have however not seen myself yet. There are three trails on Porkkalanniemi – Vetokannaksentaival trail, Telegrafbergetin lenkki trail and the Pampskatanin pisto trail.

I was really lucky when I visited Porkkalanniemi as we had a beautiful  sunset on that day as you may also see on the pictures. I am planning to go there again when there is strong wind as I would like to to observe how the waves are clashing against the rocks.

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